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FAQs of English Language lab – Digital Teacher

Digital Language Lab
FAQs of English Language lab – Digital Teacher

Frequently Asked Questions of English Language lab – Digital Teacher

What is a language lab?

Language is a lab is a dedicated place allotted to learn the language. A place where all the systems are available with headphones and a mike set so that students can practice their English skills. Learning English does not mean only speaking English. Speaking is a component of the Language lab. Purpose of the language lab is to make the students efficient in mastering the language, in this case, English.

What is an English language lab?

A lab is a place students keep doing experiments in a predefined way or pattern so that students will get hands-on practice on the particular skill. Similarly, the Language lab is the place where students learn as well as do experiments on the English language lab software.

Why is language lab important?

To master any skill, practice is required. Practice as per the guidelines. To master or to get proficiency in English speaking, a huge amount of practice is required. This language lab software provides a platform so that students can practice unlimited time on various aspects of English learning skills i.e. Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing and vocabulary building, phonetics, soft skills, etc.

What do you understand by English language lab?

The lab is a dedicated place to learn things and the English language is a dedicated place where students learn English. English language lab is software installed on any laptop or PC so that students can access the modules in per prescribed or predefined manner. A language lab is a place where the number of computers is placed in one big room and all the students access the software and learn individually. All these computers have headphones to listen to and mike to speak/record their voice.

What are the components of language lab?

Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing is called basic components of the language lab. But our curriculum experts have felt the necessity for vocabulary, phonetics, and soft skills to get proficiency in English.

What is the purpose of a language lab?

Any lab is meant to make students practice the concepts repeatedly till they become experts. The more the students practice the supremacy they get on the concept. Similarly, the more time they dedicate to language lab software, the get their skills are polished. Language lab gives opportunity to practice and see audiovisual content and practice speaking and listening etc.

Disadvantages of Language Laboratory?

There are absolutely zero disadvantages of the Language lab. But still, if you insist on say one, then the language lab needs a computer and headphones. Having said this, nowadays every institute is having computer labs to teach ICT classes, hence, on the same computers software can be installed. Additionally, 200 rupees need to spend on headphones with color mike which is mandatory for language lab. Hence, I would sum up that, there are no disadvantages of the Language lab.

What are the types of language laboratories?

Two types of Language labs, one is standalone language lab and client–server-based language lab. Let us assume that we have 50 computers in one lab and all these computers are connected to LAN. In this case, you can go to the Client server-based Language Lab. In this mode, the software is installed in the server and all the nodes access the software from their local machine.

If all the systems are not connected to the server then you can install Language lab in every system separately.

If the server is down for any reason or the network or router /switch has an issue then the complete lab will not be able to access the language lab. Generally, we recommend Individual installation for hassle-free use of the lab. In 50 computers 5 computers are down, then 45 computers can be used.

How does a language laboratory work?

Language lab gives a platform to practice for an unlimited duration and unlimited times. More practice makes more perfect. Hence Language lab makes students practice concepts till the student gets perfection.

What are the advantages of language Lab?

Theory class is good for other subjects. But to get proficiency in English more practical approach is needed. Audiovisual content explains the reading, writing, listening, vocabulary, phonetics, soft skills sections, and Recording of voice and listening to it multiple times will make the student more confident while talking. Language labs teach how to pronounce a word and also teaches linguistic skills and provides thousand of vocabulary which is a very essential component of learning the language.

What is a digital language laboratory?

English language lab is also called a digital Language laboratory because the student will be learning by using digital technology i.e. Computer. Hence learning using digital components, makes language lab Digital in nature.

What is the main objective of the language lab?

The main objective of any laboratory is to develop skills and give abundant practice to the student. Similarly, the main purpose of a language laboratory is to give students ample practice on whichever component they may be interested in. The ultimate objective of the language lab is to make students talk fluently and take out the fear of English from the minds of students.

Digital Language Lab
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