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The Best RGBW Rock Light - Ultimate Buying Guide

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The Best RGBW Rock Light - Ultimate Buying Guide

If you are a serious off-roader, it is presumable that you drive on rough terrains even after sunsets. Driving at night, through challenging trails without proper lighting or where headlights are not enough can be dangerous.

No doubt, fog lights, and headlights come in handy, but the only drawback is that you won't have proper visibility in the dark to see the obstacles on the path and save yourself and your truck from getting damaged while off-roading. Therefore, it can't illuminate beneath the truck's surroundings while driving.

So considering the best RGBW rock lights added to your truck is not a bad idea mounted beneath the vehicle. If you are not familiar with one, we are here to share the necessary information you need to know about rock lights.

What are Rock Lights?

Just as important as good quality headlight bulbs, rock lights are the aftermarket accessories that are designed to make off-road adventures safer and exciting. As rock lights help drivers see the area around them more clearly, that is, mounting these in the front or rear helps the drivers see steer 'the rocks they otherwise wouldn't be able to see.

So all in all, a good RGBW rock light provides enough illumination that will enhance the visibility, which in turn makes driving at night more safer and convenient. Apart from being useful, rock lights also improve the overall appeal of your vehicle, assuming you pair the combinations in your desired fashion.

We want to emphasize on one thing that most people ignore during installation is how they are attached and the angle of it determines the illumination it provides. Note that, these are attached to the bottom part of your vehicle. These should be mounted at the level that covers both the right and the left sides of your truck. If you are not satisfied with a single line, you can add extra light to the front and bottom so that you are able to see things more clearly.

Benefits of Installing The Best RGBW Rock Lights

As we mentioned above, rock lights illuminate the way. For truck owners working onsite or driving off-road, it can be challenging to stay steer of the objects, angles, and debris that can damage your truck because of light problems. Rock lights give you a huge benefit as you would be able to see oncoming rocks and debris even on pitch-black roads.

If you see clearly, you will be able to have a smoother and more comfortable ride. Keeping your truck away from obstacles will give you the best ride when off-roads, as you won't have to go through the discomfort of watching out every second for bumps and rocks.

As these are designed to be controlled by mobile applications and remote controllers as well, you can make sure that you select your desired combination and make people stare.

Things to Consider When Choosing A Rock Light for Your 4x4

Compatibility: Though it is not an issue when you buy from a reliable brand. But it is one of the most important things you should pay attention to is the making and number of pods which is going to impact the all-around installation. Also, lights differ in packing, some brands might offer 4 and others 8, now if you go for 4 pods it might be difficult to spread it around. Make sure that you are happy with the number of lights.

The brightness of Light: For better visibility especially at night, the brightness of the light plays an important role. If you are buying rock lights for functional purposes, you would want enough illumination to see the roads in front of you, and brightness should be your primary concern.

Durable through different weather conditions: These under-body lights have to go through a lot due to rocks and debris hitting, the lights can break anytime. Besides that, environmental factors are also a bummer that can cause huge damage to the rock lights. So when buying rock lights consider the material they are made of, for instance, aluminum housing offers maximum durability in demanding conditions.

Ease in Installation: For most first-time buyers it can be hard to install rock lights on their own. So it is important to check beforehand how it can be installed if you want to do it yourself. Check if there are sufficient wires for you to connect the wires more easily, this will reduce a lot of hassle for you.

Again, it all depends on the wiring quality and usage of durable materials. If the wiring provided by the manufacturer is durable, it will result in longer life. Also, the proper supply is needed for the lights to function properly. So the key here is to choose a reliable brand and don't forget to check the specifications.

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