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Work from home lessons Indian employees should keep in mind now that they are asked to return to offices.

Work from home lessons Indian employees should keep in mind now that they are asked to return to offices.

India Inc seems to be ready to go back to the office. Several Indian companies will be getting their employees in full-time as the third wave looks to be receding across the country. Many across sectors have already either switched or will restore 100% presence at corporate. The dip in overall Covid infection rates, full vaccination of employees, and a mild third wave have bolstered the confidence of India Inc. Companies had begun reopening offices in cities like Delhi, Pune and even Kolkatta in the last week of January after a brief closure due to the third wave and many have already scaled up attendance to 50-80%.

As COVID situation seems to be settling in the country, several prominent IT firms are working towards bringing back the workforce to the offices. Reports suggested that tech giants Wipro, Cognizant and Infosys have already started their Work From Office process.

Whatever your workplace situation, here are some tips to take the best lessons from work from home experience 

Following a routine

Whether it is work from home or office, creating a routine and sticking to it is very important for productivity and overall wellbeing. Going to the office should not mean losing out on time to exercise or on quality time with family.

Creating a meaningful routine is the only way to maintain control over your day and not letting external factors dictate it. Spend time writing down what an ideal day should look like.

Keep your workplaces clean

To truly increase productivity, one needs to focus on decluttering all four spaces—physical, mental, emotional and digital. The more friction in these spaces, the lesser the chances of being productive. Decluttering office spaces is as important as maintaining clean homes and home offices. I’m a firm believer that one’s physical space is a clear representation of their state of mind

Prioritise and focus on just one big task a day

Prioritise tasks like you did at home. Don’t try to multitask. Instead, focus on one big task a day that has huge value. Categorise and prioritise tasks into three baskets—non-productive, productive, and high-impact productive tasks—and pick what’s most critical on that day.A slight distraction in your working zone can set you back by a minimum of 20 minutes.

Flexibility is key

An increase in productivity is great news for newly remote companies, and a fantastic argument to make the switch at least semi-permanent.

For many employees, working from home has enabled them to maintain a better overall work-life balance, allowing many to spend more time with their families and cutting out the commute, which has given us hours of our lives back each week. But there are complications to working from home, too, and for some it has been far from plain sailing.many employers agree that ‘the 9-5 workday is dead’ and promise to secure flexibility for its employees in the future Many prominent tech firms such as Facebook and Microsoft are taking similar action, the likelihood is that these organisations now set the trend for workplace flexibility in the future.

Wellbeing is crucial

Under the difficult circumstances of our recent shift towards remote reported increase in physical and mental health issues was the most common reason cited for this, with a number of participants feeling less connected to their colleagues, and others reported a drop in their physical activity and newly disturbed sleep patterns. Keeping this in mind, it is essential to make sure that the shift back towards offices dont disrupt our wellbing that weve collectively able to achieve. 

Eat right

As we’ve spent more time at home, many of us have re-discovered the joy of fresh home food. Now as one prepares to go back to the office, don’t let yourself slide back into old habits of indulging in unhealthy fast food and processed snacks.

Plan your meals (and grocery shopping) in advance so you can take nutritious food with you to the office to boost your energy levels and overall wellbeing.

Offices slowly opening up across country is a good sign that things can actually go back to the way they were before. However, lets not forget about the difficult times we’ve overcome. It therefore becomes really important that we never forget about the lessons weve learnt working from home.

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