What is AMP and its impact on SEO?


Accelerated Mobile Pages means Accelerated Mobile Pages. A set of programming standards that, when followed, eliminate heavy code and speed up page loading on small devices, such as mobile devices. This shorthand version of Html was first introduced in 2015. At the time, users did most of their searching and browsing on their phones, but today, the existence of amp has become a necessity, and all people who have a site should increase the speed of the site with amp.

How does Amp work?

You must be thinking how amp increases site speed. amp has a purpose and to achieve it, it removes all the things that slow down the site. This method of speeding up the site removes things like different plugins, large images, and multiple pages along with JavaScript and other similar scripts and makes your pages lighter. If you haven't used an booster yet, you better know that according to studies, the load speed of ordinary pages is 7-10 seconds, and with this method, it's one second! Yes, I think it's time to turn your site over to an SEO expert so you don't lose your users.

amplifier advantages

Using this shortened version of html has many benefits, some of which are as follows:

Improve SEO through amp

For the following reasons, amp will improve your SEO.

As you know, the more visitors your site increases, the better your ranking will be. Suppose users want to visit one of your site pages by searching Google, if the loading speed is low, they don't wait and return to Google results page, which is not good for Google for your site.

Using amp causes a brand to appear next to the site's profile in Google search results. Users are naturally interested in high-speed sites.

When you search for a phrase in Google, some pages are displayed in a horizontal bar that can be navigated, the name of this bar is Carousel or slider in Persian. All sites displayed in the carousel use amp, so it is possible to display your site in this section as well.

Increase conversion rate

The most important and best advantage is to increase the conversion rate or increase the loading speed. This issue is more important in store SEO because if the user finds the product they want but encounters low speed, they leave the page and go to the competition.

good user experience

When users open your site quickly and easily, they will definitely want to visit it again.

SEO and amplifier

SEO is very important for sites optimization , usually users do not have the patience to wait for the pages to open and due to the large number of competitors, they can easily close the page and choose another site. amp has a framework to speed up loading, but there is no guarantee that it will be compatible with all sites. Fortunately, amp is well suited to store sites. One of the important features is the use of the amp-analytics variable, which allows you to check the performance of each page in terms of traffic, revenue, click-through rate and bounce rate. AMP also supports product pages and their categories and is miraculously fast.

What sites need an amplifier?

What sites need an amplifier?

Is an amplifier required for all sites? Although amp speeds up the site, it is sometimes not necessary for all sites. It is best to consult with an Guaranteed SEO hints. Consider the following to answer the question of whether or not you need to use amp for your site. reply.

If your site has a high volume of news articles and blog posts, amp can have a very good effect on speed. If you want to design a news site, be sure to use amp because most users follow the day's news on their phones.

If your site has a high volume of articles but uses a CDN, Content Delivery Network, or Content Delivery Network, it means that the text will load faster than the photo.

Due to the removal of some JavaScript features, it is easier for users to view amp pages.

Amp Limitations

Amp, with all its advantages, has the following limitations:

   Only JavaScript for AMP is executed.

   Images are only uploaded if they are displayed in the magnifier frame.

   A simple inline version of CSS will be required.

How to use the amplifier?

There are several ways to implement amp, but it's easiest to implement on WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal sites. You can use the following methods to use amp.

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