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Things To Consider Before Selecting Lighting Poles

Things To Consider Before Selecting Lighting Poles

Lighting poles are required to be installed in parking lots, walkways, building grounds, gardens spaces, and landscape architecture. With the variety of use in different outdoor spaces, these lighting poles should be strong and durable, and resistant to water and extreme weather conditions so that they have a longer lifespan. commercial lighting poles in co provide different types of aesthetic and pleasing lighting poles according to your requirements. Lighting poles not only improves the look of your place but it ensures that people can easily navigate through parking lots and walkways without worrying about getting lost in the dark. They also help in avoiding road accidents and prevent criminals from hiding in dark areas to easily cover for their crimes. It also discourages theft crimes and vandalism by adding security to the premises. Here are the following that one needs to keep in check before selecting lighting poles:

Height Of The Poles:

The required distribution of the light being emitted from the lighting pole fixtures depends upon the height of the pole. The higher the pole, the less light there will be on the road and vice-versa. Other than this, the place where lighting poles are to be installed also plays an important factor that affects the height of the pole required. For example, Roads with a higher speed limit require lighting pole fixtures at a higher position. The trees nearby or wires around the road or any other potential safety hazards may add as a factor affecting the height of the pole.

Cost of maintenance:

You should also consider the frequency and cost of maintenance that the lighting pole will have before installing commercial lighting poles. The maintenance of the lighting poles includes the whole structure of the pole, its base, polearms, and the lighting fixture.

For example, aluminum poles have less cost of maintenance as they wear down at a very slow rate whereas steel poles do require a lot of cost for maintenance as they wear down quickly due to rusting.


Aluminum light poles are easy to install and are more corrosion-resistant than steel. However, aluminum light poles are not strong enough therefore they are not made for the areas with strong high winds and also not suitable as the poles on which one wants to install heavy loads on. Steel poles are stronger and sturdier than aluminum poles. Steel poles can easily carry heavy loads such as loads from fixtures, banners, and other accessories. Fiberglass poles are lightweight, easy-to-install, as well as durable. They also require a low amount of cost for installation. 

Aesthetic Appeal

Decorative street lights can make the area more attractive and tend to drive tourism appeal while maintaining a high level of functionality. Several available light pole fixtures in Arizona are designed to add beauty and appeal to the different ambiance required. For example, Lighting poles for the main roads or highways can be simple with just normal galvanizing for longer life and a decent aesthetic. But lighting poles in residential or business areas, historic districts, hotels require attractive aesthetic designs that complement its surrounding area. 

Advanced lighting:

According to a report published by Business Insider, upgrading to advanced lighting technology helped a company to save 75% of the cost and helped them to increase productivity up to 20 percent. Many commercial companies are moving towards LED lighting because it improves the lighting, reduces the maintenance cost and usage of energy.

Life expectancy:

The life expectancy of the lighting pole depends on various factors such as weather conditions of that particular area that it is installed in, and the material used to make the pole. The longer the lighting pole will stay unaffected by the weather conditions, the more its life expectancy will be. For example, the average lifespan of a steel pole is 15-30 years but due to composite structures of fiberglass poles, the lifespan of an average fiberglass pole can last up to 60-80 years.

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