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Why Does My Neck Hurt? -

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Why Does My Neck Hurt? -

If you’ve been Googling “why does my neck hurt” and searching for a neck pain treatment center in Austin, Texas, we can help. Here’s how.

The average weight of a human head is 11 pounds, believe it or not.

That might not seem like much, but imagine having to carry that weight in your hands and up above your shoulders every day for the rest of your life.

That's exactly what your neck is supposed to do.

Furthermore, in order for you to move your head around without pain, the bones and muscles of your neck must work in perfect harmony.

This is why you're looking up "why does my neck hurt?" on Google.

It’s no surprise then that you may experience discomfort and maybe even pain as a result of postural changes, injuries, and arthritis in and around your neck.

If you've ever had a stiff neck and couldn't turn your head for a few days, you know how awful the discomfort can be.

Sharp muscle spasms that make it difficult to move - ouch!

Many of us are unaware, though, that our bodies may be trying to protect a joint that isn't working properly.

Almost every bone in your neck has a pair of sliding joints towards the back called facet joints.  

If those joints form an adhesion or become "stuck," your body will try to compensate, which can lead to other issues like muscular spasms if not addressed fast.


If you’re living with neck pain and wondering “why does my neck hurt”, here’s what you’ll want to remember…

●     Sudden injuries, arthritis, and postural issues can all contribute to neck pain.

●     The small sliding joints (facet joints) of your neck can become “stuck'' and that condition can lead to muscle spasms and pain.

●     Gentle spinal adjustments combined with daily stretching can help restore the motion of your facet joints and reduce your pain.


In other words, you may stop asking yourself, "Why does my neck hurt?"

Your body's way of signaling "pay attention" is a stiff neck.

Even if the stiffness is temporary, it's a good idea to have us assess the situation.

Being proactive with your health means taking care of minor issues before they become major problems.

You can lower your chances of experiencing neck pain and stiffness in the future.

It's a good idea to call us if you have neck pain, whether it's something you've had before or something you hope to never experience.

Our doors are open, and we're here to help! We're your neck pain treatment clinic in Austin, Texas.

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King Chiropractic
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