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Hire The Best Professional Housekeeping in St. Catharines

Hire The Best Professional Housekeeping in St. Catharines

In the dictionary the meaning of housekeeping has been written as "the management of household affairs". So, basically housekeeping means managing all the household duties like cooking, cleaning, dusting, laundry, shopping, maintenance, bill payment etc. It can be a person from your family or you can hire someone for the purpose.  If you are living in st. Catherine and in dire need of a housekeeper come to InspireClean and find housekeeping St. Catharines

There are two types of housekeeping: Institutional Housekeeping and Domestic Housekeeping.

Institutional housekeeping -

It is the maintenance management of commercial buildings like hotels, resorts and inns.

Housekeeping in Hotel industry :-

We often hear the term housekeeping in the hotel industry. From checking in a hotel to checking out they are responsible for the rooms cleanliness and maintenance. The housekeeping department of a hotel takes pride in keeping the hotel rooms and lobby clean giving the residents the feel of a home away from home.

Domestic housekeeping -

This type of management work involves around your residence, your bedroom, kitchen, living room or garden area.

Housekeeping vs. House Cleaning

Both the terms may look very similar and work similarly but there is a basic difference between them. House cleaning services solely focus on heavy cleaning like bathroom, kitchen, carpet, floor etc. They will come and clean every inch of your house but they will not do anything to make it look presentable. Where as a housekeeper will do light cleaning but it is their duty to make your home look well groomed. Housekeeping involves light cleaning like daily dusting, mopping, disposing of garbage bags, vacuuming etc.

Advantages of hiring a housekeeping - 

Maintain cleaning schedule -

Hiring a permanent housekeeper you don't have to worry about maintaining a schedule for cleaning your house. Daily dusting, cleaning, mopping, garbage disposal falls in a housekeeper's list of duties. 

Reduce allergy symptoms -

You can instruct your housekeeper to use approved cleaning products. Regular dusting and vacuuming reduces the chances of asthma and allergies keeping your family safe.

Friendliness -

Your housekeeper comes to your home daily to do the chores. Your children became familiar with the person as well as they became familiar with your choice and preferences. They learn and keep track of your habits, choice of foods and maintain your schedule.

Less stress, more free time -

Over time your housekeeper became your extended family. By extending their helping hand they give you enough leisure time which eventually reduces stress.

But it is not only about advantages. Every coin has 2 different sides. So, here we are also listing some disadvantages of hiring from housekeeping St. Catharines. We will also try our best to give some options to solve this.

Light cleaning -

Your housekeeper only does your daily chores and some light cleaning. They don't offer deep cleaning or maintenance services. So for the deep cleaning job you have to hire a professional. 


Here in InspireClean we extend our service to different parts of Canada. You will find house cleaning services Burlington as well as deep cleaning services Mississauga on our website.

Must provide the cleaning supplies -

While hiring from a professional cleaning service or commercial cleaning services St. Catharines you don't have to supply cleaning materials for them. But for the housekeeper job you have to buy cleaning supplies. This will add to your monthly expenditure.

Now it's up to you to decide what's best for your family. If you're a large family living in a large house we will suggest going for the housekeeper from housekeeping St. Catharines. But if you are a small family of only 2 or 3 people then you should opt for cleaning services. Here in InspireClean we will give a free consultation about any of your queries. Post it on the ask me section and get a reply within a day.

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