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How to Delete Cash App History Transactions and Activity (Quick & Easy Method)

How to Delete Cash App History Transactions and Activity (Quick & Easy Method)

Wondering how to delete Cash App transactions history?

We’ve got you covered. Account settings can be confusing, especially for an app as savvy and full of options as Cash App. So if you’re looking for answers on how to delete Cash App history let’s dive right in.

Can You Delete Cash App History?

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to erase your Cash App history just yet since there is no option to erase purchases. According to the Cash App Terms of Service, “due to security concerns, once a transaction has been made it cannot be deleted.” 

You can’t remove your Cash App transaction history, but there’s no need to. You’ll notice that these transactions cannot be removed. When you select a payment, it displays the payment information as well as whether it is pending or completed.

The best thing to do if you are worried about someone seeing something is to add a security lock or PIN to your Cash App account to make sure it’s secure and this will prevent people from seeing your Cash App history.

Can You Hide Your History on Cash App?

You cannot hide your transactions on Cash App. But that’s because they’re already hidden from other Cash App users by default, it’s not a feature you can toggle on or off. Cash App boasts some of the best safety & security measures out there, especially for money management apps.

Your payment history and transaction history on Cash App are only viewable by you and no one else at any time.

How to Delete Cash App Activity: Is It Possible?

How to Delete Cash App History

Want to know how to delete activity on Cash App?

While you cannot delete your full payment history, you may be able to delete some portion of your transaction history on Cash App. Keep in mind, their privacy policy clearly states not to do this, so we have to recommend against it. There are reviews of success and failure with this method, so it seems only certain account types (possibly even random) have access to the feature.

If you’d like to try deleting your Cash App transaction history, try this method:

Tap on the profile icon in the top right.

Tap “Support” in the menu list.

Select “Something Else” from the menu.

Select “Account Settings” from the list.

Select “Close Your Cash App Account” from the menu.

Choose how would you like to close your Cash app account

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