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How License Bonds Benefit You and Your Clients?

Tim Scott
How License Bonds Benefit You and Your Clients?

Contractors are needful to get a contractor license bond before they can acquire a license and legally work as a contractor. These bonds defend clients and the public if they can’t fulfill the terms of your enthralled. Contractor license bonds are antithetical from construction bonds needed for public jobs. You should learn more about what a contractor license bond is to realize why you need one.


Types of Contractor License Bonds:

There are a few different types of contractor license bonds that can be requisite depending on which state you'd like to conduct business in, and the type of acquiring work you perform. Some of the most common bond types consider:

  • Local contractor license bond
  • State contractor license bond
  • General contractor license bond
  • Electrical contractor license bond
  • Plumbing contractor license bond


Our License bonds Company South Florida handles all contractor license bond types, and you can obtain a free online quote today. States and cities have different bonding necessitates. Pick out your state below to see your requirements.

  • Select Your State to Find a Surety Bond
  • Select Your State


Pricing is a percent of the bond amount needed of you, which is based on individualized credit. Read our guide to learn more about how your bond costs are deliberated. You can use our bond premium calculator tool to get an instant computation. You can also take a look at our most often asked surety bond questions.

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  • Getting Contractor Bonds for work


If you want to execute work on public jobs you'll need to get contractor bonds such as bid bonds and performance bonds, you can learn more about these bonds and how to acquire them by visiting our contractor bond guide. You’re accountable to pay bond claims in full which can be as large as the full bond amount. The indemnity agreement you must sign to get your bond is a judicial contract that pledges your corporate and individualized assets in the event of bond claims.


Your bond federal agency should be your first line of defense against bond claims. In order to confront bond claims, ensure you operate your contracting business ethically, while following the rules of your bond. Think back, you are accountable to pay for any bond claims that you cause. Find out how our company can save you money on claims. If you want help understanding precisely what your bond guarantees you will and will not do, please contact a bond professional.


Your personal credit is reasoned to get an idea of your likelihood of triggering a bond claim and your ability to pay them. Having good credit is ideal to get authorized with favorable rates. It’s possible to get warranted with bad credit, but not all bond agencies will evaluate you.


Your surety bond defends the public; in other words it assists your clients. If you don’t fix faulty work or if you break down any other rules while working as a contractor, your customers can file claims on your bond.

Tim Scott
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