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How Does Solar Energy improve your commercial Facility?

Shams Power
How Does Solar Energy improve your commercial Facility?

Why is Commercial Rooftop Solar Required in Pakistan? Pakistan is mostly an agricultural country, yet, if the country is to achieve economic stability, it must enhance its industrial sector. Electricity shortages and rising energy crises are the most serious difficulties that commercial, industrial, residential, or individuals from any area face. In order to enhance energy generation, reliance on fossil fuels has grown, resulting in even worse repercussions, and Pakistan now faces environmental issues. This pushback indicates that we can't rely on traditional energy if we want to advance as a country, and the answer is to employ renewable energy sources.

Owning a business or a commercial property entails a significant amount of responsibilities. Commercial property owners are turning to solar energy to cut overhead costs and save money on utility bills as energy costs continue to rise. Solar power may help you enhance your bottom line while also having a good influence on the environment, whether you want to save expenses or increase the value of your business.


You may invest in clean, renewable energy by switching to our solar panel system with the Commercial Rooftop Solar. Solar energy is a limitless resource that saves your firm money, boosts your land value, and positions you as a responsible corporate neighbor.


Benefits of Commercial Rooftop Solar

Low Maintenance, Reliable Energy


Today's solar panel systems are extremely low-maintenance and extremely dependable. Solar panel systems typically have a life expectancy of 20 to 25 years, depending on the board used. It means that as soon as the framework is connected, it will start producing electricity, and you won't have to perform any maintenance. You won't need to wipe snow or ice off the boards since the snow and ice will liquefy off the boards within a few minutes of the storm. They are also impervious to strong winds and severe blizzards, as the frameworks are designed to survive certain conditions, such as those experienced during these storms. The only recommended maintenance is to clean the solar cells with a water hose to remove debris and grime.


Better Control Of Your Energy Bills


Power costs are steadily growing, with recent price increases forecasting a trillion rupees in revenue by December 2022. As a company that uses a lot of electricity to manage machinery and interior and outdoor lighting, the best way to cut down on your electricity costs is to look into alternative power sources like solar panels. Solar panels have an average lifespan of between 20 and 25 years. Consider how much money you'll save over the next two decades if you generate your electricity, especially when you consider the power tariff hikes that will occur between now and forever.


Environmental Savings


Switching to solar allows you to utilize the pure energy that already strikes your roof with each new dawn, rather than using filthy electricity created from fossil fuels.

Before installing solar, Shams Power assists our clients in making as many energy efficiency improvements as feasible. This decreases your carbon footprint, but it also reduces the amount of PV panels required to meet your present and future energy needs.


Corporate Social Responsibility


Shams Power Commercial Solar Financing services may assist you in increasing sales and strengthening company relationships. This is because suppliers, vendors, and customers increasingly prefer to do business with businesses that support values like sustainability.

Although there are other ways to demonstrate your company's environmental commitment, installing solar panels on your industrial property is the most straightforward and cost-effective.


Property Value Increases


Installing solar panels on your business property can boost its resale value, and it can also cut down on the length of time your spend on the market.


Green reputation


Switching to solar electricity helps the environment, but it also tells your renters, customers, and community that you care about the environment. Consumers will respond positively to a company or property that is environmentally sensitive, and your organisation will gain a respected reputation.

Whether you operate a small business or a major multinational, investing in a Solar Panel System provides immediate and long-term benefits. Commercial property owners profit from solar energy systems because they achieve energy independence, lower utility bills, and positively influence the environment.

Why is solar energy the answer to Pakistan's electricity crisis?


Being a developing country, Pakistan has long struggled to meet its energy needs. As a result, Pakistanis have been subjected to a constant power outage. City-wide outages were routine only a few years ago. However, in twin cities, the situation is much better, albeit at the cost of dramatically higher electrical rates. As a result, going solar is in your best interests.


Terrain that is naturally gifted


Geographically, Pakistan is a good portion of the world, and Pakistan's geostrategic position makes the country a solar paradise. Because we are exposed to sunshine for more than eight hours every day, Pakistan has the highest insolation value globally. As a result, Pakistan's anticipated solar energy power generation is among the finest globally.


Solar panel installation and safety precautions


Ensure you have a suitable location for solar installation and inform solar providers that you are ready to eliminate your power expenditures.

To work at its optimum, a Solar Panel System requires sufficient sunshine. As a result, ensuring that your property is well-suited for solar panel installation is preferable.

Many things might prevent your solar panels from attaining their full potential. Consider the following scenario:

• Moisture 

• Dust and sand 

• Shadows


As a result, it's ideal to ensure there aren't any tall buildings or trees casting shadows on your installation, as this might create a temperature differential on your modules.

Clean your panels regularly to avoid dust and dirt collection.

Moisture is to blame for generating a short circuit in a panel's wiring. As a result, be sure there are no water sources near your setup.


Why choose Shams Power


Solar has made a positive impact on our lives. However, in Pakistan, transitioning to solar energy is a difficult task. You don't have to be concerned since Shams Power is working relentlessly to make things easier and walk you through the procedure step by step.

Partner with Shams Power Limited if you want a team of solar experts to help you provide you with the right solar panel system and installation for your commercial building. We have years of experience installing solar panel systems for commercial facilities.


The National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) recognized Shams Power, a leading energy transformation service provider, as one of the first enterprises in Pakistan to hold a Distribution License in 2019.


Shams Power Limited commits its resources for the length of the project agreement. Clients are not obliged to make any capital investments or incur operational costs. The installed solar plant is turned over directly to the customer at the end of the PPA contract, and the client will continue to receive free power for the balance of the equipment's life.


Shams Power Limited provides a fantastic chance for our clients to satisfy their energy demands with clean and green energy through PPA-based solar solutions, in-house knowledge, and the best safety measures. For more details, please contact us at (+92) 0341 7426777 or email us at [email protected]

Shams Power
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