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Motivation - the key to start a Transformational Journey!

Golden Age Transformation
Motivation - the key to start a Transformational Journey!

What is it that drives us towards achieving our goals? What is the driving factor behind those who take an extra step, which most of us fail to take often, to bring our goals to reality? The answer is motivation. It’s the motivation that works as a fuel in taking that first step. When we lack motivation, even a menial job seems hectic. There are various reasons why we feel demotivated.


Reasons for lack of motivation 


●   Mental health conditions like depression and anxiety robs us of our motivation to move an inch, to get our work done.


●   Limiting ourselves to believe that we aren’t “worthy of it” or that “we don’t deserve great things” are a result of our limited perspective and oftentimes it has nothing to do with reality.


●   Burning ourselves out because of overworking also contributes to lack of motivation. It mainly happens because we push ourselves too hard for too long leading to mental drainage.


●   Procrastination often stands in the way. It acts as a barrier between us and our goals.


That’s where a coach comes into picture.  


What role does a coach play? 


A coach is someone who helps us unleash that part of us which we already have inside of us but got trapped under the weight of self-doubt, self-questioning, and thinking too low of oneself. A coach helps us uncover our why.


Be it personal or a professional aspect, a coach helps us identify the reason behind our failed ventures and helps us overcome obstacles by providing a different perspective, which in turn helps us to soar high.


Like they say, motivation comes from within. We can take inspiration from outside sources but motivation has to come from within because we are the one solely responsible to take that first step. A motivational coach does just the same. Through regular sessions, they help us in overcoming our negative beliefs and offer us an insight on what targets are we trying to achieve. Helping us in setting goals and checking on us if we have progressed, a coach uses meditation and journalism as a tool to help us with decision making with a clear head. They assess our current situation so we have a better understanding of how we can move forward.


Two out of five businesses, today, become successful. The ratio 2;5 reflects a low success rate. Why is that so? The major reason behind the success of any business, today, is credited to the presence of a Business Coach. A business coach is a professional mentor who guides their client through the ups and downs of owning and running a business. Through sessions, a business coach helps their clients in planning and prioritizing the goals and strategies and builds actionable plans which facilitate in accomplishment of their set targets.


Business coach training is the talk of the town because of the experience that a coach brings to the table. The benefit an entrepreneur derives from a business coach is towering in today’s times.


To give a clear picture of what constituents a business coaching, down below is a list curated to help understand the different branches of business coach training:


● Executive Coaching: An executive coach is one who is a qualified professional that works with individuals, usually executives, to help them gain self-awareness, clarify goals, achieve their development objectives, unlock their potential, and act as a sounding board.


● Corporate Coaching: A corporate coach is one who addresses their client’s most pressing business challenges, defines clear goals, and develops a creative solution to problems.


● Leadership Coaching: Leadership coaching is a powerful management training tool to help business leaders at all levels leverage the leadership skills within themselves to maximize performance.


Coaching helps us find our motivation, but it all boils down to YOU, because ultimately “The magic is inside you.”

Blog Originally Published @ https://certifiedllifecoaching.blogspot.com/2020/11/motivation-key-to-start.html

Golden Age Transformation
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