Mangal Dosh Is True or Just A Myth

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Manglik Dosha or What is Manglik in the astrology field?

In Indian Vedic Astrology, Mangal Dosha is also known as Manglik dosha or Kuja dosha. Astrology is astrological conjunction that can occur if Mars (Mangal) lies in one of the first, second, 7th, 4th, or 12th houses of the Lagna/ascendant chart or the moon ascendant.

Anyone born with this condition is known as Manglik. What is the best way to check for Manglik People will be able to tell that they have the above conditions and say Manglik dosha matches are mandatory when there is Mars is present.

Twelve houses make up an individual's chart of astrology. The position of the planet Mars within any of the six houses, as mentioned above, triggers Mangal Dosha. We can also identify mangal Dosha under Bhom Dosha, Kuja Dosha. More than 50% of the people in any country are affected by this dosha, apparent from the moon chart.

Mangalik dosh myth or fact:

This is a ridiculous debate that is everywhere. It's not even worth a word whatsoever, and the reason I'll give you below. Then all your doubts will be spelled out, and you'll be able to understand the meaning of Manglik dosh and yoga is?

I'll consider it an unsuitable placement for mars if it is in these houses under bad conditions, but I won't consider mangalik.

Whenever any cruel planet such as Sun/Mars/Saturn/Rahu/Ketu is somehow placed in marriage-related houses, it will show you some harmful impacts. Why? Our sages from the past expressly describe this as a brutal planet, but we're not paying attention to facts.

Another essential thing to be discussed this time. Mars and the sun are the cruelest planets. However, Saturn and Rahu-Ketu are the most dangerous for marriage houses since they can distract you from marriage, specifically Saturn-Ketu. Rahu always desires to commit certain wrong things that can ruin your wedding.

Astrologer advises you to avoid mars in your particular House will be canceled Manglik dosha in 28 years. This is not the case; however, you'll be more mature at this age and comprehend the purpose and vision of life and attempt to avoid making wrong choices and actions with your partner.

I'll tell you that any of the five planets are bad for marriage if they are poorly placed in certain houses. The sun also has a strong, strong, and proud nature, which is not ideal for couples. Ketu is the most hazardous planet. Mars is much better than Mars because Ketu doesn't allow anyone to be materialistic, but it lets you be spiritual. Ketu is, his partners cheated a 7th planet that is often.

If we look at everything from the perspective of science, there hasn't been any research or scientific evidence to suggest that couples who are not matched Manglik couples are more likely to be unhappy than couples who are matched. Therefore, there are Myths associated with Mangalik or untruth, and here are a few;

* Born on a Tuesday? It's a sure sign that you are Manglik!

Many people believe that if one was born on a Tuesday or a day that the planet Mars rules, You are Manglik. Manglik. But, it isn't the case.

* A Manglik should be married only to a Manglik!

There is no scientific or reasoned reasoning to support this fable.

*Wed a tree, and your husband will live!

The majority of priests employ this method to resolve issues related to the weddings of a Manglik. The belief is that most issues have to do with the first marriages for Manglik; thus, if you are married with a tree, it's thought of as your initial wedding, thus keeping your second or real wedding.

Your husband or a close relative will die.

Another utterly false myth. Your husband and anyone close to him will never die because you're named 'Manglik..'

The marriage will end in divorce.

The longevity of your relationship is dependent on your and your spouse's mutual understanding and compatibility. As an individual planet, Mars will not be able to decide the longevity of your marriage.

Remedies for Kuja Dosh

Kumbh Vivah is a ritual performed to get rid of mangal dosh. Kumbh Vivah is performed In Trimbakeshwar along with Kumbh vivah. Many Vedic rituals like Kaal sarp dosh, Narayan nagbali, Tripindi Shradha, and Rudrabhishek Puja is Performed in Trimbakeshwar

The myths surrounding Manglik Dosh are: Manglik Dosh are:

1.   If one of the Horoscopes of a girl or boy has Manglik Dosh, the opposite will pass away after marriage. Useless.

2.   If the person's death will not occur and there are no complications, then there will be plenty of challenges to face throughout life. No!!!!

3.   If the girl is a Manglik and a boy isn't a Manglik girl can be a curse to her family members. One of the in-laws might also pass away. All are rubbish the same way that an Astrologer said to Aishwarya-Abhishek's wedding following that Amitabh brought a case against the person, and the couple is enjoying their lives.

How do we define Mars:

Mars (Kuja) can be described as a fiery planet. I would even claim it to be the fiercest of any other planet. Mars signifies mangal.

If it is a signification of mangal-kaam it will reflect their effects when they have poorly placed Mars, particularly in marriage-related homes

because Mars displays anger, quick decision-maker and superiority complex, indecisive and hostile.

What is the reason Mars provides mangalik yoga to specific homes:

I will give you the exact reasons you won't be getting anywhere. I won't say mangalik dosh. Yes, it is not a good location for Mars, but If Jupiter/Venus and other constellations exist, there's no need to fret. What are the reasons certain houses are blamed for marriage or even mangalik dosh? Take note of the following points:

1.   Mars is a sight (aspect) 4,7 as well as 8th aspect. If it falls in the 1st House, it will be the 7th House is your aspect or the 8th House, and you are the 4th House. If marriage is a problem, it will be a problem, but if a marital relationship is not good.

2.   Mars If it happens to take place in the 2nd House, it could affect your family members since the 2nd House is known for its family, and it could affect the 8th House, along with the 7th aspect.

3.   Mars is the planet of Mars. If it happens to be in the 4th House, the peace of mind and sukh may turn into a heated discussion at your home. Mars will be affecting your 7th and 7th houses again, starting from the fourth perspective of Mars.

4.   Mars When it is due to occur in the 7th House, the marriage house will be affected and will also aspect the 2nd and 1st houses, which means that the problem will be there.

5.   Mars, when it is scheduled to occur in the 8th House. Then, there will be problems from the spouse and in-laws and be affecting the 2nd House starting from his 7th aspect.

6.   When it is located in the 12th House, the bed pleasure can affect you due to the possibility of extramarital or a time of additional energy towards sexual life. The 7th aspect of the 6th House is the 12th aspect from the 7th bad and the 8th aspect once more in the 7th House.

These are the real reasons for mars-related effects, considered harmful for these houses. This shouldn't be considered any dosha or earn huge profits from clients.

Cancellation of Manglik dosha

If mars have its sign (Aries, Scorpio), elevated (Capricorn), and in houses occupied by the planets that are supposed to be his companions (sun, Jupiter, moon), Manglik dosha is canceled.

1.   If Mars is in the 2nd House, but in Virgo sign, the Manglik dosha will be removed.

2.   If mars are located in the 12th House, but it is Taurus, Libra, then dosha will be canceled.

3.   If mars are in the 7th House but are in Cancer, Capricorn dosha is canceled.

4.   If mars are located in the 8th House but are in Sagittarius Pisces, there is doesn't have dosha.

5.   Cancer or Leo ascendant mars Yoga Karaka (beneficial influence) if there is not even a dosha.

6.   To activate Aquarius, ascendants and mars should be in the 4th or 8th houses, and Manglik dosha will be cancelled.

7.   If benefic Jupiter or Venus ascendant no dosha.

8.   No dosha is required if Mars is conjunct and aspected with the moon/Jupiter/Moon.

9.   If mars are aspected or in conjunction with mercury, sun Saturn, or Rahu, then Manglik dosha doesn't exist.

Why isn't mangalik dosh True?

Mangalik Dosh is a method to make money from innocent individuals only in India. This is an excellent point to consider, as we know that the jugaad and Bhrastrachaar (corruption) is the leading cause of successful outcomes in our country. Some people have done some settings with mars and then tried to prove that Manglik is among the most damaging yogas for marriage. It could ruin a marriage.

It's not true. You can verify this by the Mars in thousands of charts matches marriages fail and there is no mangal dosh on a chart, but the marriage is broken again. I want to ask one simple question: Why is this dosha being observed only in India and India? Why not other countries affected by Mars? What is the reason? Indian mangal dosha pooja is a must. The ritual is obligatory due to this anxiety. No! !!!!!!!! !

Mangalik Dosh's characteristics

Both genders could be Manglik and not.

Mars symbolizes blood and energy.

Dosha must balance the energy in both charts. If there is an imbalance, there is minor harmony in marriage.

dosha should balance Mars energy with the other planets if mars aren't balanced. This is not a requirement to be balanced. Not the people's connection of this fact to mangalik is simply giving wrong directions to ordinary innocent people for a tiny sum of cash.

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