Benefits of Personalized Golf Balls

Emma watsom

Some people want to do their business relatively anonymously on the golf course; others want to make an extra splash, whether it’s noisy costumes, nice clubs or one of these electric carts following you like a very obedient dog. It has also become very popular in the last few years to play golf that stands out in the crowd. An ever-expanding colour palette is now available and many golfers have embraced the idea that slightly different golf balls could be a good thing.


It is no longer the case that ‘real’ golfers play only white golf balls, even the best golf balls on the market - such as Titleist’s Pro V1 and Srixon’s Z-Star - are now available in yellow. If you want to immerse your toe in 'man-made' colour, you will find many yellow balls of different colours in our guide to the best yellow golf balls. Several of those balls, as well as those in our other football guides, have other colour options available, or the best value balls, the best distance balls or the best golf balls for slow running.


That being said, in most golf circles, you will probably find that ten times as many people cling to the old white models… which means that whenever you choose a colour touch you can effectively add a certain personality to your ammo. Of course, you can make your golf ball an ‘nth degree’ yourself if you are a dab-hand person with Sharpie or you want to go down the DIY route with other transfers or stamps available on the market. Here, however, we focus on golf balls that you can buy on a shelf that boasts a variety of custom-made personal effects using unique symbols or unusual colour options, as well as information about custom football schemes available from Titleist, TaylorMade and Vice Golf.


Personalised golf balls can be printed with letters using your preferred font type. You can ask your service provider to print your company logo and tagline on golf balls. If you do not have a promotional company, you can just print your name or another name of your friend on your golf balls which are great souvenir ideas.


Almost everyone knows someone who plays golf or participates in sports themselves, so your spending will certainly not be wasted. But it is much more than that. A golf lover is a member of a truly unique breed, who will have the courage of any natural or man-made object to get at least nine holes. They live, eat, and sleep the game, travelling to the ends of the earth to play somewhere. They collect golf trinkets and medals, plaques and pictures, ties and T-shirts, anything and everything related to golf, including different golf balls. Many such unique items are not used, but they are proudly displayed on the shelf to be seen by the world, including your company name and logo.


Of course, many golfers will undoubtedly use your gift, call your logo on the stage and show it to other players in the process. If they lose the ball, that can be considered good news for you, as now a lucky finder will know better about you, your company and your logo.


Now let’s touch on the packaging of your golf balls, as you probably don’t want the presentation of your unique item to be in a very white pocket. If you are a store, you have your name/logo printed on your bag or gift box for your customers. If you have a wholesale product, you send your goods in pre-printed boxes. Why not embrace anything under the custom package to help promote your custom golf balls? Quality, a golf course printing company will have many options to choose from, from single ball boxes to trade shows up to twelve ball boxes as gifts for those special customers and customers on your list. Also, your company name/logo will be included in the design printed in the box.


By having custom printed golf logo balls created by a professional company that specialises in this one item, you will be satisfied with the result. Just as no one knows your business better than you do, no one knows your custom golf logo logs better than him.

Emma watsom
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