ODEON Hand wash

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ODEON Hand Wash accompanies an exceptional mix of natural concentrates like Neem and Aloe Vera. This Soap free, Paraben free, Triclosan free hand wash is delicate on your skin and doesn't roughen your hands.

There are an end number of items accessible in the market that give ensure for their outcome. In any case, ODEON is presently universally perceived because of its broad use and the positive outcome conveyed with simply utilising it a couple of times.

Individuals are familiar this item broadly and globally toward their clients and presently it has been offering our types of assistance in this exceptionally cutthroat market.

In the midst of Coronavirus, numerous local people began selling the hand wash which is made from synthetic substances that can dry and harm your palm. Attempt our ODEON hand wash liquid bottle today. It is even prescribed to use for the sensitive skin moreover.

Product details

1. ODEON Hand Wash Aloe Vera & Neem

Guarantee the best of wellbeing and cleanliness by keeping your hands clean and microbe safeguarded with the ODEON Hand Wash liquid neem. It contains a characteristic mix of Aloe Vera juice, Neem Extract, and Natural Silver Active guides in purging ceaselessly all hints of pollutions while keeping up with the skin's regular pH levels.

Regular, and liberated from cleanser, this hand wash helps leave your skin overwhelmingly delicate with each wash. In addition? The ODEON Hand wash is totally without paraben and triclosan settling on it the right decision for you to cleanse your hands.

Allow the ODEON hand Wash liquid bottle with Aloe Vera and Neem keep you protected and sound while enchanting your faculties with its blissful scent.


Neem Extract: Neem remove has properties that help keep your hands germ-free, antiviral, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory in nature.

Aloe Vera Juice: Assists hydrate the skin, repair skin damage, and keeps it looking healthy.

Natural Silver Active: Natural Silver active is profoundly compelling against microbes, infection and different microorganisms. ODEON Hand Wash is fuelled with natural silver active based antimicrobial innovation that helps battle disease causing microbes and keep up with great cleanliness. 

2. ODEON Hand Wash Lemon & Mint

ODEON Hand Wash Lemon & Mint is a soap free, pH Balanced formula containing natural do good ingredients namely Lemon & Mint well known for their benefits to the skin. While Lemon by virtue of its excellent cleansing property keeps hands hygienically clean, Mint helps invigorate & refresh the skin. ODEON hand wash liquid name is also enriched with Natural Active ingredient that provides protection and hygiene to the hands. Using ODEON Hand Wash liquid bottle daily not only keeps hands hygienically clean & refreshing with pleasant fragrance but also helps softens skin.

Step by step instructions to Utilise

Stage 1: Wet your hands.

Stage 2: Pump out a dollop of the ODEON Hand Wash onto your palms

Stage 3: Wash the rear of your hands, thumbs, fingers, wrists, fingertips, and palms for somewhere around 20 seconds.

Stage 4: Rinse with water and dry with a clean cloth.

seo yesweus
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