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Renovation Ideas for Condos

Renovation Ideas for Condos

When renovating any living space, you can customize the space entirely to fulfill your needs. You can make a space that wasn’t there before and find new ways to maximize the current home. A condo is often related to stylish living in an urban area.

There can be some abnormalities in the architecture, but those unique qualities make it an ideal space. These condo renovation views are broken down by room to make this renovation effortless.

With the COVID-19 pandemic causing the whole country to a gridlock, people have left their hi-rise neighborhoods for large single-family homes. Mainly due to the economic crisis and safety grounds. 

Condo Kitchen

Kitchens are nearly always the primary focus of any home renovation. When working with a condo, your rooms will be more undersized than those in whole single-family home. However, a smallish kitchen doesn’t have to be shady and messy. Condo renovation concepts are all about maximizing your area. Many condo owners utilize an open concept floor plan to let the space look and feel bigger. This is massive support if you plan on doing a lot of home entertaining. There are a few various shapes when it comes to designing a condo kitchen. Some are open to the whole space, and others are closed off instead of one doorway. If you don’t want to crash down walls in your renovation, make the most of a closed kitchen. A smaller kitchen shouldn’t alter you but encourage you to find more clever design solutions. You may be drawn to use every inch of space, but maximizing your space involves leaving empty spaces and strategically using others. You can open up your room with a clever design and highlight the shape of your dream space kitchen instead of working against it.

Wall renovation

Do not waver to knock down a few walls because this would ultimately open up the space and create a bigger room. 

Also, withdrawing some old walls to extend a room is an inexpensive technique to make an airy and expansive space that tenants (and their guests) adore!

Crashing down existing interior walls and constructing new ones to divide spaces can dramatically alter how the apartment looks. 

Condo living rooms usually run the span of the unit, forming an ample wall space. While using these large walls to construct a statement may be tempting, plainness is best. Overdesigned walls that are big can feel overwhelming and close off your area. Very dark colors can feel sober if used in a large solid area. If you desire to use a dark color on your walls, combine them into a painted pattern. Accent walls with hand-painted prints and consistencies give the eye something to focus on in an ample space. Bare brick walls can provide your condo renovation with an urban edge. The ship’s lap walls and wood paneling can easily be installed as a DIY project for a rustic touch to your room.

Living Room

The living room is a centerpiece in any home. It is a communal space that is key to cozy living and home entertaining. The living room is often the most well-known area in a condo and is the majority of the design. This forms a blank canvas open to any design aesthetic you choose to apply. The kitchen and living room likely flow at the same time seamlessly if you have an open floor plan. Even if you have a closed-off kitchen, you’ll want condo renovation ideas on cohesion.

Closet Designs

Closets are essential, especially when peeking for residents arriving with a family. 

Guarantee that you can acclimate as many cabinet spaces as possible when planning a renovation. 


Frequently, condo bathrooms are undersized and cramped spaces that don’t allow different designs. These rooms need a strategic format and structure incorporated with multifunctional pieces. By renovating a condo, you can focus on what you want to be most significant in your bathroom. You have the flexibility to either entirely redo the bathroom, down to the placement of apparatuses, or do simple updates to the current designs. If you want to keep the updates uncomplicated, replacing the materials can be easy. Different materials will produce different aesthetics even if used precisely.

Condos are the gathering place for modern living and the advantages of owning your home. When peeking to remodel your space, there are several different design aesthetics that your draftsman can have. Take the benefit of your condo’s outstanding architecture and use an open floor plan. It will help your space feel immense and give you more room to work with for interior design; whether on one floor or two, inspirational designs are vital in constructing a beautiful living space.

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