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What Tool Does Your Restaurant Need for Successful Loyalty Building Strategies?

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What Tool Does Your Restaurant Need for Successful Loyalty Building Strategies?

Determining how to attract more customers and encouraging existing customers to stay needs innovative strategies. For which restaurants need thorough analysis of their customers.


Restaurant CRM Solution like LS Central can provide an impactful platform for the same. With Power BI-driven tools, strategists can access real-time customer-oriented reports defining their spending patterns, preferences, and other relevant details through insightful reports.  

You must be wondering; how does Power BI (Business Intelligence) manage to provide such insightful reports? Power BI is a collection of software services, applications, and connectors working together to turn distinct data sources into coherent, visually impressive, and interactive insights. It gathers and integrates data from different touchpoints and provides thorough research on each customer. Digitalization plays a key role in creating loyalty-boosting strategies. Restaurant POS Software, for instance, is more than just your regular billing software. It records every transaction, which later helps in building reports.  


Without customer insights, your loyalty boosting strategies are going in vain. Multiple factors can hinder your success such as:  

  • Inability to recognize customer patterns and implement the wrong strategy on them.  
  • Sudden customer preference changes lead to an imbalance in services.  
  • Inability to implement the right meal plans in the right chain.  
  • Offering discounts on the wrong meal plans.  
  • Inability to provide customized services.  
  • Seeing every customer with the same vision.  
  • Confusing wrong groups for certain deals and orders.  
  • Inability to look appealing enough to the customer.  
  • Using obsolete strategies can bore customers.  


A successful Restaurant CRM Solution is the one that helps you resolve these issues and provides a smooth ecosystem for inventing impactful loyalty boosting strategies.  


Use LS Retail’s Power BI to Foster Innovative Loyalty Boosting Strategy 

 To retain your customers and build loyalty in your restaurant, you must reward returning customers with offers and deals they cannot resist. LS Central Restaurant CRM Solution uses Power BI to identify loyal customers effortlessly. Using this Software for Restaurant Management, create loyalty programs that complement your goals. 


Understand Your Customer’s Pattern 

A loyalty program gives excellent value toward understanding your customer preferences better while efficiently predicting their next step. You can identify meal trends, micro-segments, and potential demand. By understanding your customer habits and identifying when and what vouchers are offered and are redeemed, you can enhance your marketing campaigns. With its POS Software Solution, you can also optimize stock mix and distribution.  


Craft Attractive Loyalty Programs 

As soon as you tie up your loyalty strategies with LS Retail Restaurant ERP Solution, you can craft programs to achieve your goals optimally while boosting customer satisfaction. Design different tiers with specified benefits. You can also set rules on how to collect and spend them. The best and most effective part is, you can segment customers according to their choices and preferences, then offer certain deals and offers according to the same.  


Build an Emotional Bond with Your Customers 

Apply customer data into your strategies and make your returning customers feel cared for. They might not realize it but subconsciously, they will create a special bond with your restaurant. Attractive deals will encourage them to bring their loved ones to your restaurant on their next visit. Alternatively, you can include a strategy that supports this idea; a deal that gives a certain discount if you bring someone with you on a certain date or day of the week. Numerous deals can be created using the same strategy. 

Optimize Omni-Channel  

Whether your customers order food online or come to your restaurant, you can still track their preferences and spending using omnichannel. This is essentially useful for providing customized offers and logical communication. You can create a tiered loyalty program to drive repeat online and offline business. You can divide a promo according to platforms; online and offline having different promos. Send customized vouchers on birthdays or anniversaries to VIP customers. You can also offer a blended order and pick-up mode. Let them order food online which they can later pick on their way home if they do not want to get delivered by your delivery boy.  

Without impactful strategies, restaurants, especially emerging restaurants, cannot survive for long in this cut-throat competitive era. LS Central Restaurant CRM Solution provides a platform that allows crafting impactful and relevant strategies. If you are looking for LS Central implementation, you may contact us.

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