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Long Term Rental in Fuengirolas in 17 Easy Steps

Costa Rents

If you plan to go on a long vacation, immigrate, or opt for a business trip to Spain, finding the right residential accommodation is a major choice. As a foreign national, you must obtain the necessary clearances and visa approvals. 

Thus, if you plan to move to the place for a longer duration, you can either invest in the real estate or choose a long-term rental in FuengirolaThe latter can be a great and hassle-free solution that allows you to make the most of your stay at an affordable price and minus any major investment.

Steps to Choose and Invest in a Long Term Rental in Fuengirola

  • The primary  step is determining the appropriate region where you are willing to  invest. You may choose to invest in a great property to rent in Benalmadena before actually  investing in long-term rentals.
  • This method  helps you to attain savings and attain optimal results.
  • You need to  understand the legal aspects of the process. Having good immigration  lawyers to guide you through can be a good idea. 
  • The lawyers  also help you obtain the necessary residential permissions for the stay.
  • Determine  your budget limits before scouting for any property.
  • Research  online or opt for an experienced real estate agent to help you through.
  • Opting for  rental property can help you to safeguard your interests. It helps you to  determine the long-term benefits of investing in the region.
  • Renting a  property involves signing a contract between you and your landlord.
  • You also  need to furnish proof of your sufficiency to pay the rent.
  • Your rights are  dependent on the duration of the rental. The longer the rental, the more  extensive rights you can enjoy.
  • The best  idea is to select two or three apartments to ensure that you make an  appropriate selection. It helps to make it easy to compare properties.
  • Long-term  rentals also involve making a deposit. Ideally, two or more monthly  rentals can be paid in advance.
  • Your  landlord is obligated to register you with the authorities. Ensure that  your selected landlord does this.
  • Short-term  rentals can be from six months to a year. Long-term ones go beyond the  year.
  • Your  landlord cannot extend or terminate the contract without appropriate  information.
  • Your  landlord can propose an extension of the rental agreement for three years.

Here are a few important documents that you need to furnish for the purpose -

  • Proof of  ability to pay the rent (e.g., bank statement, employment contract, etc.)
  • Tax  Identification number 
  • The passport

Costa Rents
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