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Why get a White oak solid timber furniture for your bedroom?

Saskia Butin
Why get a White oak solid timber furniture for your bedroom?

Oak is the ideal material to make high-quality wood furniture. It is very commonly popular amongst the customers as most of them demand it for the multitudinous benefits it provides. The two types of oak are red oak and white oak. White oak has a variety of species that originate from the eastern United States. Out of all the varieties, only eight of the species are used for making solid timber furniture. Apart from the types and species, have you ever wondered why it is called White Oak? It is said that red oak isn't red in colour and white oak isn't white at all. White oak is light in colour, and its core usually has the tone from light brown to dark brown. For people who are getting white oak timber beds Melbourne designed for the first time, they should know the advantages of the material and how to identify it. To begin with, let's discuss what the benefits you get after investing in a high-quality American White Oak bed are. 


Benefits of American White Oak Furniture 

  1. The grain of white oak is clear, which automatically gives a good texture to the surface. 
  2. The solid and firm texture of the white oak furniture doesn't get deformed easily. Also, it gives you a long service life. 
  3. It reflects the worth appropriately. 
  4. The high-grade white oak furniture's value is fairly comparable to any mahogany furniture. 
  5. It has a high collection value.
  6. You can achieve a desirable colour by smoothly spraying paint on the surface. 
  7. When matched with metal and glass, it presents a highly fashionable and trending sense. 


Identifying American White Oak Furniture 

As already mentioned, there are two types of oak, that is, red and white. What distinguishes them are their slightly different characteristics. Knowing these differences comes in handy when shopping for solid timber furniture, such as timber beds. 


The end grain 

A fairly reliable distinguishing factor is the end grain. To make sure you're identifying it correctly, the board should not be painted, rough-sawn or sealed from the corners. Instead, a freshly cut piece should be used to determine the differences. The pores of red oak at the growth rings are very open and porous. At the same time, pores in white oak are plugged with tyloses which makes it resistible against rot and decay. There is an easy test too that you can perform to direct which oak is it. Take a short section of oak and blow air through it. If anything blows, it is probably the red oak. 


The rays 

At the face of the board, usually the flat sawn ones, you can see some dark brown streaks that flow alongside the grains. These streaks are called rays. To compare the two types, look closely at the length of the streaks. Red oak has very short rays, somewhere between 1/8″ to 1/2″ long, or rarely it flows more than 3/4″ to 1″ in length. Whereas white oak has much longer rays that exceed 3/4″ most of the time. This method is useful when you get a finished product in hand. 

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Saskia Butin
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