The Advantages of Play School Franchise Vs Starting an Independent School

Swati Mehra

Your passion for children and early childhood education and development could be a strong motivating force for considering starting a playschool. However, before you go ahead and lay down the foundations of your first learning center for toddlers, consider the advantages of an independent playschool Vs the franchise model to adopt a business model that fits your goals best.  

The best playschool franchises in India offer extensive benefits to their franchisees under the aegis of the franchising system. However, running an independent playschool comes with advantages of its own. Looking closely at the advantages of both business models can go a long way in helping you adopt a business model that works best for you. Read further to know more. 

Advantages of the Independent Playschool Model 

Getting an independent playschool off the ground requires starting from scratch. As such, an independent school needs to develop a curriculum, have management frameworks in place, have an effective marketing strategy, and must achieve certification and accreditation from relevant authorities. 

The entire process of starting a playschool from scratch requires extensive research and planning, while extensive experience in the field of education is a definitive advantage. While starting an independent playschool comes with its challenges, there are advantages to this setup, such as: 

  • One-Time Investment Requirement – Starting an independent playschool generally requires a onetime investment, with profits shared between investors. The best playschool franchise in India is likely to charge no royalties. However, fees vary from franchise to franchise. 
  • Sole-Ownership – The independent playschool setup allows for sole-ownership, which in turn allows the playschool management to run processes in an independently with to no external input. 


Advantages of the Franchise Playschool Model 

In some ways the advantages of the franchise playschool model outweigh those of the independent playschool setup. While sole ownership and onetime investments with no profit sharing are the advantages of the independent preschool model, the franchise setup comes with benefits like: 

  • A tried and tested curriculum and management model
  • Brand recognition and goodwill
  • Lower setup costs 
  • Reduced financial liabilities 
  • An extensive and effective operations framework 
  • Ongoing training and support 

The fact that the playschool franchise is a low investment business model is a big advantage for many cash strapped entrepreneurs. However, extensive support, tried and tested operations frameworks, reduced financial risks, and brand recognition draw many to the playschool franchise setup. It is best to compare the benefits of both the independent playschool model and the franchise system to chalk out an entrepreneurial path forward that fits your goals. 


Q: What is a franchise playschool? 

A: A franchise playschool is a business model allowing for a brand to license its brand name and business operations to independent entities to expand its brand presence and increase revenues.  

Q: Is buying into a playschool franchise a low investment compared to starting an independent playschool? 

A: The playschool franchise system allows for lower investments and reduced financial risks when starting a playschool. 

Swati Mehra
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