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Non-Conforming & Conventional Home Mortgage Loans

Pamela M Belford

Are you in need of tailored home loan alternatives and services? Before selecting a lender and home mortgage loan, conduct additional research on several key parameters of the loan, such as finance costs, interest rates, and lenders. This step ensures that you will ultimately acquire the finest home loan. A reputable loan provider, such as PMB Home Group in Florida, will assist you in securing the mortgage that is best for you.


Conventional Home Mortgage Loans

A Conventional Home Mortgage Loan is one whose agreements meet the requirements of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. About half of all mortgages are conventional. They can be fixed or changeable rates. Fixed-rate mortgages have a rate of interest that stays the same for the entire duration (10-30 years). A 30-year adjustable-rate mortgage (ARM) features a low initial rate for a fixed time proceeded by periodic rate increases based on a specified benchmark, often a certain LIBOR or T-Bill index.


Non-Conforming Home Mortgage Loans

A non-conforming loan doesn’t meet the underwriting requirements of the government-sponsored companies Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac (Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation).

Borrowers who do not qualify for conventional loans are usually provided these loans. While it's wonderful to have this option, non-conforming mortgages often have higher interest rates, additional costs, and maybe additional insurance requirements.

Non-conforming borrowers have been denied a house loan due to poor credit, bankruptcy, or a typical income.

Banks are usually reluctant to issue mortgages for non-conforming loan borrowers, and their first’ standard' loan application is frequently rejected.

Non-conforming borrowers should be aware that banks are not the only source of non-conforming loans. Mortgage brokers are quickly becoming the preferred alternative for non-conforming borrowers due to their extensive network of lenders.

Mortgage brokers can also help non-conforming borrowers and loans. Also, mortgage brokers typically contact lenders who specialize in non-conforming loans, making them more likely than banks to approve loans quickly and smoothly.

Remember that you can still acquire a home loan even if your income is irregular, unusual, or beyond the banks' definition of "normal."

Not to concern, even if you have been rejected, you may still qualify for a Non-Conforming Home Mortgage Loan; there’re alternatives to banks, such as professional and experienced mortgage brokers who specialize in non-conforming loans.

You should always verify that the mortgage broker or loan originator, such as Pamela Belford, is a licensed, honest, and dependable loan originator at PMB Home Group by Security Mortgage Corporation. 

Pamela M Belford
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