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Recover Faster Between Competitions with Cryotherapy and Compression

America Cryo
Recover Faster Between Competitions with Cryotherapy and Compression

As an athlete you know that few things are more irritating than an injury that could stop you from competing in the next race. Whether you’re prone to ankle problems, shin splints, stress fractures, or pulled muscles, competing on a painful, swollen, or irritated injury site is not only uncomfortable but it can lead to more serious problems that could put you on the sidelines for an extended period of time.

Once you’re forced out of training, even for a short time, that stamina level you’ve worked so hard to build up could take a dive, and quickly. Research shows that it only takes a matter of days before blood enzymes that are indicators of endurance begin to fall drastically if training is interrupted. This means it’s in your best interest to reduce recovery time and coddle problem areas so that they don’t turn into a bigger issue.

A New Path to Recovery

Everyone knows that RICE is the recommended course of action for pain or injury. Anyone who’s had to use this method, however, knows that it’s messy, inconvenient, and difficult to maintain compliance with due to these factors. Keeping an ice bag on an awkwardly shaped body part doesn’t encourage enough contact, or pressure, to maximize the benefits of the treatment.

Cryotherapy and compression are made easier and more convenient with Portable Cold Compression Systems. The EasyCryo brings all the benefits of RICE together into a machine you can take anywhere with you. The ice cold water cycles through body part-specific wraps, creating full contact which enable deep tissue cooling for optimal effect. Compression levels are adjustable from 15-75 mmhg, allowing the user to choose exactly how and for how long the therapy is delivered.

Benefits of Combined Compression and Cold:

  • Reduced pain via deadening of nerve sensation, which results in less need for narcotics that carry negative side effects
  • Decreased swelling due to compression
  • Increased lymph drainage, which allows toxins produced by injury to be drained away efficiently and then removed from the body
  • Faster return to movement and activity, which is no known to speed healing even better than continued rest
  • Customized wrap fit which means full coverage and more efficient delivery of pressure

Traveling to the doctor’s office or physical therapist for treatments takes time and money, and takes you out of the comfort of your own home during an injury. EasyCryo brings professional grade cryotherapy and compression right to you so that you can administer it several times daily as is typically recommended. Being able to adhere to your care provider’s cold therapy recommendations means you’ll be back in training faster than you think, which means minimizing the loss of stamina.

Musculoskeletal injuries don’t have to take you out of the race for extended periods of time. With the effective combination of ice cold water and variable compression you can experience faster recovery and superior pain relief between competitions, without the use of powerful narcotics or running back and forth to physical therapy. With a variety of options designed to serve the needs of athletes and laymen alike, EasyCryo is accessible, effective, and can reduce your recovery time between events so that you don’t lose the ground you’ve worked so incredibly hard to gain just because of a sprain or tendonitis flare-up.

America Cryo
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