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Drawing Tutorial Outline - Draw a Cat

James T
Drawing Tutorial Outline - Draw a Cat

Drawing a cat is one of the easiest things you can do. Even if you're not an artist, I'm sure your family will be pleasantly surprised to see you give it a try on how to draw cat easily.

This tutorial is aimed to help you draw a cat in simple steps. I’ll show you how to use a few basic shapes and guides to make your cat come out looking better than ever! Yes, it is possible.

Start by drawing a small circle for the head and then move your pencil in an "s" shape to make the body. Now extend another line out of the head and make one final "s" shape with your pencil, this part will represent the tail end of our cat.

Image Credit : semamartin website

Let’s Start with Step-by-Step Guide on How to Draw Cat Easily:

1.      Start by drawing two circles (eyes) on top of each other and in the center of your paper. Don't forget the pupils!

2.      Draw two more circles for ears on either side of your drawing, with small triangles for ear shapes that point outwards from the head. - Draw one short, skinny, curved line through the middle of your eyes. This will give the appearance of a nose!

3.      Join your circles on top of each other to create an oval shape.

4.       Draw two more small ovals underneath your head that are near each other at the base of your ears.

5.      Add a longer line in the middle of these ovals that is between the eyes to create a mouth.

6.      Now it's time to draw some hair. Draw a line that's long and skinny like a tail. Bend the end of your line up, and it will look like the hair is sticking out. Draw the ends of hair on either side of the main line.

7.      Join these lines on top of each other to create an oval shape that looks similar to a cat's head.

8.      Add another thin oval below your cat head.

9.      Now draw two diagonal lines at different lengths from your cat's face, so they lead to his nose and his eyes.

10.  Draw two small, tiny circles on either side of your cat's hair. This will be the ears' insides!

11.  Join these circles on top of each other to create an oval shape. Shorter lines are good for this step.

12.  Now draw a curved line that goes from the outer edge of your cat shape to the middle, almost touching his eyes.

13.  Add another curved line that goes from the middle of your cat's head to his nose.

14.  Draw a small circle on the end of your curved line, then draw another one near your first circle, right above it. These will be eyes!

15.  Draw a smaller circle and a straight line on either side of your small eye circle. Don't draw any other shapes in this area quite yet.

16.  On top of these two circles, draw two thick lines (dots) side by side. These will be whiskers.

17.  Draw a curved line from the end of your cat's nose to the side of his head, almost touching his face.

18.  Add two smaller circles on top of your first two circles, right above them. These will be paws!

19.   Draw a thin line that goes from the bottom of your puppy's neck to the middle of his head.

20.  Draw a small circle on the end of your line. Don't connect it to his head yet!

21.  Draw a few curved lines that are short and almost touch each other, going from the top of the cat's head to the middle of his body.

22.  Now draw two more short lines that are underneath your first few lines, near the bottom of your cat's body.

23.  Draw an ellipse on the side of your cat's head, then draw four tiny circles.

24.  Add one smaller ellipse on the top of your cat's head to finish off his face!

25.  Now draw the rest of your cat's body, following the steps above it.

26.  To complete your cat drawing, add more details, like whiskers etc.

This is the end of this tutorial! Now you should know how to draw cat easily. :)

We hope you enjoyed it. And may boost your creativity to have more fun with drawing.

James T
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