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8 Types of Shopify Development Services

Alicia Davis
8 Types of Shopify Development Services

The Shopify ecosystem is certainly a great opportunity to explore. From web developers to designers, optimizing your Shopify store means making use of a variety of services.

Shopify eCommerce development companies offer a range of services to help every store owner. Instead of having to figure everything out yourself, you can let the experts handle every requirement.

In this article, we’ll be talking about the 8 most popular types of Shopify development services that your business could benefit from. We’ll be covering:

·        Theme Development

·        Store Setup

·        App Development

·        Migration

·        Store Updating and Maintenance

·        SEO for Shopify

·        PSD to Shopify

·        Shopify Plus for Enterprises

Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about the top Shopify development services and how they could help your eCommerce store grow.

1. Shopify Theme Development

Your goal should be to retain every customer who visits your site. One of the easiest ways to attract customers is by having an aesthetic Shopify theme. The theme sets out the initial layout of your store, so it should represent your brand identity perfectly.

Depending on the nature of your company, your theme should reflect the values of your store. If you are selling sustainable and eco-friendly products, then having a green and brown, minimalist theme could work best. Similarly, if you are offering digital marketing services such as videography, then a visually rich theme with multiple extensions would be optimal.

By hiring professional Shopify theme development and customization services, you can build your Shopify theme just the way that you would like. Customize the UX/UI theme design and make your eCommerce store yours.

2. Store Setup

Your Shopify store not only needs an initial setup, but should have a strong foundation code to rely on for the long-run. Store owners are often occupied with the products and services they offer, so there isn’t much time left to devote to backend setup and customization. To unravel this problem, a Shopify eCommerce development company can support store setup and update it consistently.

Shopify store setup typically involves building your Shopify store from scratch, developing landing changes, editing existing pages, cart customization, and other backend services that can support the store.

3. App Development and Customization

If you need customized app integrations for your Shopify store, then you may prefer a long-term partnership with a Shopify development company. These experts can help cater to any high-tech and specialized requests that you have, even if you need a brand-new separate app for your brand.

When your Shopify store is growing, it may be a great idea to invest in adding new features and functions. This way, you can provide a new shopping experience to existing customers and enhance their relationship with your company.

4. Shopify Migration

Not every eCommerce store owner starts off on Shopify. If you started on any other platform such as Wix, Etsy, or WooCommerce, you could still migrate your store to Shopify. Instead of losing all your existing customer and sales data during migration, you can hire a Shopify eCommerce development company that migrates your store and data to the new platform.

Not only do these Shopify experts help you migrate from one platform to another, but you can also use their services if you plan to upgrade from regular Shopify to the Plus version. These expanding strategies can help grow your business and attract more customers in the future.

5. Store Updating and Maintenance

No customer likes a website that loads slowly or lags. To ensure the long-term sustainability of your store, you need to prioritize updates and maintenance. Shopify storeowners who don’t have experience with coding or computer technicalities can find it difficult to maintain their stores themselves. As a result, the store may not load product photos quickly which leads to losing customers.

Common services related to store updates and maintenance include backend maintenance, manual updates support, security audits, and data storage optimization.

6. SEO for Shopify

A majority of Shopify eCommerce development companies also include SEO services in the package. This explains the vital link between building an optimized Shopify store and having a variety of customers to visit the site.

SEO services not only drive organic traffic, but they can help improve the quality of your Shopify store. For instance, SEO content ensures that your product descriptions contain all the keywords needed to rank high on search engines.

To attract more customers, you can opt for SEO services such as inbound and outbound links, increasing your conversion rate, integrating Google Analytics, doing a content audit, optimizing page titles and more.

7. PSD to Shopify

PSD refers to a Photoshop design where you can sketch or create a design for your Shopify theme. Once you have your desired design elements, you need some CSS and HTML knowledge to integrate the PSD file into Shopify.

To help bring your vision to life, a Shopify eCommerce development company can convert any PSD file to a functioning Shopify theme.

8. Shopify Plus for Enterprises

Stores that experience significant growth on Shopify are recommended to switch to Shopify Plus. This extended platform allows for a bigger store database as well as advanced settings to keep all your requirements fulfilled.

When working with Shopify Plus, it can be beneficial to hire an eCommerce development company that can manage everything for you. At a large scale, these companies know exactly how to optimize your store development and customize the elements accordingly. Even if you have hundreds of website visitors at the same time, an expert eCommerce development company can help ensure zero lag and quick loading times.

Final Thoughts

Joining Shopify means opening up a new horizon of opportunities. To ensure that your Shopify store has the chance to grow to it’s full potential, consider hiring an expert Shopify eCommerce development store.

By efficiently using the Shopify development skills mentioned in this article, you can expand your business successfully and make the path to success much shorter. 

Alicia Davis
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