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What makes PVC pipes better for agriculture?

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What makes PVC pipes better for agriculture?

Agriculture forms a dominant sector in India, offering a significant contribution to the GDP of the country. A critical aspect for the agriculture sector to function well is the regular supply of water. The type of piping system used here and its quality can be a major factor in deciding the efficiency of operations.

A top choice for farmers globally is the PVC agriculture piping system owing to its various advantages. Here, we take a look at the reasons that make PVC the best choice for agricultural activities.

Lead-free and non-toxic

Toxic chemicals and lead can be extremely harmful to one’s health. When exposed to crops repeatedly, they can impact the quality of production and the consumer’s health. For agricultural purposes, it is important to opt for safe and lead-free plumbing systems such as PVC.

Durable and resilient

Agricultural activities take place at diverse locations, and often under trying weather conditions. The resilience and durability of PVC pipes make them a perfect choice for this purpose. Not only do they ensure efficiency in operations but also reduce the overall cost of repair and maintenance. When choosing the best PVC pipes for agriculture, be sure to pick a reputed company known for its quality and adherence to manufacturing standards.

Leak-proof pipes and fittings

Agricultural farmlands are often widespread and require the frequent joining of pipes to cover the entire land area. PVC pipes come with water-tight fittings that prevent leaks which can compromise water flow. Be sure to buy company-specific fittings that are recommended for the PVC agriculture piping system for maximum performance and durability.

Cost-effective solutions

PVC pipes and fittings are extremely lightweight which makes them easy to transport and install while also lowering the cost. However, even though the pipes are lightweight, they are extremely tough. They do not get damaged easily, allowing them to safely be transported over long distances without incurring additional loss due to breakage. As these pipes are durable and can last for decades without significant concerns, they also minimise maintenance and replacement costs.

Resistant to corrosion

The best PVC pipes for agriculture are resistant to corrosion and other chemical exposures. Constant contact with water, can over time, corrode and damage the pipes. Not only does this reduce water pressure, but can also lead to cracks and leaks requiring replacement. As PVC pipes are resistant to corrosion, there are no such concerns to be dealt with. Further, the smooth inner surface of the pipes prevents the formation of any deposits or scaling thus ensuring the water supply remains optimal at all times.

When choosing the best PVC agriculture piping system, be sure to pick a top company such as APL Apollo, known for manufacturing top-quality products. For more details about their systems, please click here.

APL Apollo Pipes
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