Implication of the best fertilizers used in crop production

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Fertilizers are used to add nutrients to the soil for the growth of plants or crops. These fertilizers are broadly classified as Natural or Organic or Man-made or synthetic. The synthetic fibers are usually strong and such chemicals are easily absorbed into the soil. The organic fertilizers are used for plants and these chemicals are slowly applied to the root of the plants. The nutrients are slowly absorbed by the plants. The organic fertilizers contain nutrients that are slowly released into the plants. It also contains the other elements that are required by the plants for better growth.

These fertilizers are produced from natural elements. It often refers to the agricultural or food products. The organic fertilizers are used for plants and crops are meant to protect the environment and maintain ecological balance. As these fertilizers are not concentrated and consist of valuable nutrients, they are used in places such as gardens, in farms for crops and for agricultural use.

The Organic fertilizers provide promote the agricultural practices enhancing plant growth. These fertilizers should yield the following benefits.


The fertilizers should contain elements in proper proportion. They should contain different types of nutrients that are essential for plant growth. The fertilizers should destroy the microorganisms that harm the crops, but yet should provide the essential nutrients. The nutrients should deeply penetrate to the root.

The fertilizers that stays longer in plants

Usually the organic and synthetic fertilizers both add same type of nutrients in the soil. But organic fertilizers are more beneficial to the plants than the synthetic fertilizers. They provide all the nutrients that are required by the plants. Such nutrients are useful to the soil to improve soil quality.

Safe for the environment

The fertilizers should be safer for the plants and hence organic fertilizers should be used preferably. Do not preferably use the synthetic type concentrated fertilizers to the plants. Such fertilizers are healthy for the plants and do not cause any hazards to the soil or crops. Such fertilizers also aim to extract contamination from the soil.

The organic fertilizers do not produce hazardous results to the environment such as polluting the underground water or the surfaces. As these fertilizers consist of natural substances, they enrich the contents of the soil.

These synthetic fertilizers although provide the base nutrients to the soil and plants, they are also concentrated and hence the crops or plants cannot remain so healthy. They contain some chemicals such as phosphorous, nitrogen or potassium. They should also contain enough nutrients such as magnesium, calcium, sulphur, zinc, or copper. You can check online for the best organic fertilizers in India for the best agriculture production.

IPL Biologicals Limited
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