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Emergency boiler repair London - Rapid React Plumbing

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Emergency boiler repair London - Rapid React Plumbing

Like any other thing, sometimes, the boilers can act up too. During these times, it is strongly advised not to try to fix the boiler all by yourself because working upon a gas boiler without any proper qualification and experience can be extremely dangerous and lead to the invalidation of your warranty. Therefore, whenever you experience a broken boiler, you should always opt for an emergency boiler repair London service from professionals. In this article, we will discuss the boiler repair service in detail and the benefits of getting your boiler serviced rather than trying to fix it yourself.


Why should we get our boiler repair service?


Whether it is a domestic or a commercial boiler present at your home and office, the boiler plays a crucial role in ensuring the proper maintenance of a comfortable temperature during cold winter nights. The boilers can last for years together, but if you are using their boiler regularly for an extended period, this might start to take a toll upon the components of your boiler. Ignoring the warning signs of your boiler can often prove to be dangerous and costly over a period of time for both your commercial and the domestic environment. To ensure the proper working of the equipment, you should get your emergency boiler repair London service annually. 


What are some of the common symptoms of your boiler needing a repair service?


1.    Your boiler pressure is too high than the normal pressure.

2.    Your boiler's pilot light is continuously omitting yellow or orange color light.

3.    The usage of more gas than required by your boiler over the period.

4.    Loud or unwanted noises are coming out of your boiler.

5.    The water does not get heated up even after several hours.

6.    The leaking of the boiler was due to the breakage of an internal component.


What are some of the benefits of getting your boiler repaired and maintenance service from time to time?


1.    It provides optimum safety and protection to you and your loved ones - over the period, the repeated boiler issues and faulty boilers can prove to be dangerous and costly. So by getting an emergency boiler repair London service from time to time, you can remain safe from various explosions and fires along with the leakage of any time of gas or the poisonous carbon monoxide from the broken boiler. 

2.    In the long term, getting your boiler repaired and serviced from time to time proves to be cost-efficient. The semi-regular or annual boiler services can help keep your boiler running effectively for an extended period. With a good service, you can prevent your boiler from emitting many waste products, thus reducing the carbon footprint and helping in keeping your energy costs lower than usual. Also, with regular checks and services, you can easily detect any minor and treatable problems before they get aggregated into more significant problems if left for a more extended period. 

3.    It helps in keeping you compliant - the boilers present at rented accommodations and commercial premises require a yearly gas safety inspection to keep the fuels, appliances, pipework, and other components of the boiler well maintained while working correctly and efficiently. This regular gas safety inspection is the responsibility of every landlord, and they are required to keep the records and certificated every two years while requesting the annual inspections.

It helps prevent you from getting too cold - the best period of carrying out a boiler repairing service is when the weather starts getting colder as people generally rely upon their central heating systems to maintain a comfortable temperature more frequently. 

1.    Before battling the cold weather, getting your boiler service helps you eliminate any faults and also provides you with the peace of mind that you will be able to stay warm during the wintery nights.




The boilers play an essential role in keeping you warm while maintaining a comfortable temperature during the winters. With a regular emergency boiler repair London service conducted each year, you do not only get capable of supporting the safety and security of yourself along with your loved ones, but you also save your money by keeping the energy costs lower. Therefore, before the arrival of winter, always make sure to get your boiler checked and repaired to spend a happy and warm winter with your loved ones.

Rapid React Plumbing
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