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Major developing stages while designing hidden object game art

sharon shah
Major developing stages while designing hidden object game art

1.) Innovation/Creativity


Normal is boring; hence only something extraordinary and exclusive is what can attract a player's mind and keep them glued to the game. There are over 10 lakh+ developers involved in creating hidden object games, asking to find the same repeated objects, which makes the game unrelieved and dull. Hence if creative and unusual ideas are incorporated in the game, making it interesting and unique. With every stage putting forth something new to unravel, the game will then stimulate the player's attention. For example, when asked to find a green frog, the developer can bemuse the player by placing the frog in between many green trees and bushes as a confusing video game concept art.


2.) Fervent Arduousness


Easiness doesn't involve much hard work. Hence, if the game is developed with a lot of strenuousness, the player will eventually fall into a trap and will be challenged to complete the levels. This also will increase the concentration in the game of the player and will automatically attract more gamers. Once a gamer takes on the challenge, he ought to complete it expecting more difficulty. This, in turn, charges the brain's cognitive abilities to work towards it. Concept video games themselves are designed in such a way to keep the player stuck to the game.


3.) No Distractions / Pop-Ups


The probability of the gamer being less attentive is greater when there are unwanted disturbances and interruptions while playing. This calls for higher chances of losing interest in it. Therefore, the developer must keep in mind to take care of these things for smooth playing.


4.) Appropriate Colour Palette


It is important to remember while designing that all colour tones should complement each other and not clash or collide with one another, making it difficult and stressful for the player to play. Opting for too bright and glittering tones can make viewing the screen difficult. The colour of the character should also not merge with the background colour, making it totally invisible for the player to find the hidden object. It should all be placed in a mutual manner with warm tones with darker shades.


5.) Proper Dimensions Of The File


The size of the file should not be too big, making it hard to access or download. The larger the file, the more it will lag and create a hindrance in smooth performance. Other reasons like longer time to download and insufficient storage and space may contribute too if the dimension and size are greater. The moto is to create a compelling game for the users.


6.) Visible Characters


The visibility of the game characters should be clear enough to spot them and fit on the screen. From their body size to their looks should be in proper proportion. If suppose the character is too tall, then the hidden objects may not be noticed at all, or it may create a mess on one screen.




Hidden object games have gained much popularity because it is universal and can be played by any age group. It is not limited to a certain age group. It creates curiosity among the players. game development companies in india are now hiring individuals with creative intellectual gaming development skills. Video games have now gained popularity in every corner of the world. https://www.zvky.com/



sharon shah
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