What Is The Best Question For Cyber Security?


Cyber security has risen to a dominant space in terms of its relevance in this knowledge-intensive era as well as the traction gained in the job market. To set one's foot in the cyber security career means to be prepared for all the stages of getting into the field and entry into the job positions would require getting through the interview.

While taking up a course is one stage, sitting for an interview is another, and coming out successful is the only way one qualifies for a cyber security job. 

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There may be plenty of resources that brief candidates about the probable cyber security interview questions, however, it is important to keep in mind that your level of entry also matters. Hence, preparing yourself in consonance with your experience level is the key.

We have curated the most probable cyber security interview questions and answers that will boost your preparation and also keep you prepared for any cyber security interview questions.

Best Cyber security Interview Questions

Theory-based Cyber security interview questions & answers

Give the distinction between a Host IDS and Network IDS. 

While both Host IDS and Network IDS are patterned for the same primary goal of detecting intrusions, the difference between these two can be inferred in the configuration where HIDS is patterned only on a specific device or host. In addition to keeping track of traffic in the device, HIDS also checks on the questionable system activity. Network IDS, on the other hand, is connected to a network. It takes on the task of keeping track of the traffic of all network devices.

Differentiate an IDS and IPS?

IDS implies Intrusion Detection System, and it merely detects intrusions, leaving the administrator to deal with the prevention. In contrast, an IPS implies Intrusion Prevention System wherein the system detects the intrusion and takes action to prevent it.

Explain Firewall and its uses in cyber security.

A firewall is a device for network security that monitors and regulates network traffic at the system/perimeter. A firewall is utilized in a network for its primary purpose of defending a system or network from viruses, malware, worms, and other malicious software. The application of a firewall also extends to the blocking of remote access and filtering of content.

What does CIA in Cyber security means?

The CIA in Cyber security implies - Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability. The CIA model is intended to influence information security policies. This model has been widely adopted by organizations on a large scale. 


This principle demands accessing materials only by authorized personnel. Unauthorized personnel should be denied access to it. The data should be strongly encrypted in case someone employs hacking to gain access to it so that even if it is accessible, it cannot be read or understood.


This principle ensures and ascertains that the data is safe from being tampered with by any unauthorized party. It also ensures that unauthorized personnel does not have the access to, modify, or corrupt the data. In the event of unsuccessful editing of data by an authorized person or system, the same data should only be reverted and not corrupted.  


Any authorized user will have access to the data anytime they require them. This feature of availability also entails maintenance of hardware, regular upgrading, backup and recovery of data, and addressing the loopholes in the network.

What is the difference between encryption and hashing?

The goal of both encryption and hashing is to convert readable data into an unreadable format so as to protect that data. While the two are similar in the principal goal the only variation is that in the case of encryption, the decrypted data can be converted back again to its original format which is not possible in the case of Hashing.

 Those are the few best cyber security interview questions that are theoretically based and are often raised as key cyber security interview questions.

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