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How To Answer Aptitude Questions?

How To Answer Aptitude Questions?

Company’s use several aptitude tests to unbiased assess and shortlist qualified applicants when they apply for a job. You can prepare for the interview and feel more at ease if you are aware of what aptitude tests are? This article reviews common interview question types, examines aptitude tests with model answers and provides preparation advice.

Types Of Aptitude Interview Questions

A hiring manager can access a wide range of aptitude interview questions during a job interview. Typical inquiries include the following:

Abstract Reasoning Questions - Employers test the logical links between the dataset and your mental capacity by asking you questions about abstract reasoning. These interview questions allow a potential employer to assess your problem-solving skills and ingenuity.

Questions using mathematical reasoning - These inquiries aid in evaluating your propensity for figures. This aids an employer in determining your aptitude for working with graphs, statistics, and equations.

Verbal Reasoning Questions - An employer evaluates reading comprehension using verbal reasoning questions. It enables the employer to evaluate your capacity for deciphering, analyzing, and reaching precise conclusions from written information.

Tips For Preparing Interview Questions And Answers 

Here are a few tips that can help you perform to the best of your abilities:

Read the question carefully: Read them thoroughly before attempting to respond to the Interview question. It would help if you merely use simple logic to answer aptitude questions.

Time Management - Before reacting to the interview question, carefully read them. It would help if you used basic logic to respond to these aptitude questions.

Employers often expect applicants to complete aptitude tests for a certain time. When attempting to respond to aptitude questions, make the most of your available time by answering as many as possible.

Here Are A Few Aptitude Questions To Practice Before Your Next Interview:

 Numerical reasoning question

  1. The cost of ten apples, eight kiwis and 12 papaya is ₹240. The cost of eight apples, six kiwis and ten papayas is ₹ 180. Find the cost of one apple, one kiwi and one papaya.

Example: "When solving such questions, assume that apple cost = x, kiwi = y, papaya = z

So, according to the question

10x + 8y + 12z = 240 (This is the first equation)

8x + 6y + 10z = 180 (This is the second equation)

Subtract these equations

2x + 2y + 2z = 60

x + y + z = 30

So, the cost of one apple, one kiwi and one papaya is 30."


  1. Two numbers are in the ratio 5:4. A man subtracts 12 from each. The new number is in the ratio of 4:3. Find the smaller number.

Example: "Let the two numbers be in 5x and 4x.

(5x – 12) ÷ (4x – 12) = 4 ÷ 3 3(5x – 12) = 4(4x – 12)

15x – 36 = 16x – 48 x = 12

One number is 60, and the other number is 48. The smaller number is 48."

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