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Top Employee Retention Strategies For 2022

Blair Kenner Group
Top Employee Retention Strategies For 2022

When candidates are looking for insurance jobs, they automatically are searching for jobs that will be long-term. They don’t want to leave your company any more than you want them to leave. So, if you’re hunting for a way to keep employees happy, you’ll need to understand what retention strategies work and how to implement them into your work environment.


Put your money where your mouth is

Often, employees are incentivized to come on board for a specific company through the benefits offered to them once they do. Often these include things like raises after a certain amount of time, bonuses for certain milestones, etc. 


As often as not, those incentives are nothing more than false hope. They are simply dangled in front of employees to get them to apply and start working. To help show customers how much you care about their needs, put your money where your mouth is and offer up whatever those advertised incentives were — nothing more, but nothing less. Otherwise, employees will feel lied to and undervalued.


Bring work/life balance into the office

While more and more companies are starting to jump on board with work-life balance, many don’t actually implement it into their way of working. Be the exception to the rule and do what you can to help bring that balance into the office — literally.


For example, bring in a masseuse once a month for every staff member to take advantage of. Or, give employees so many mental health days that they can actually use when they need them instead of begin guilted out of it. Or, even better, access to so many hours a week or month with an on-site mental health expert to help them feel supported.


Ask employees what they want —and give it to them

One of the best ways to help understand what your employees want is to, well, ask them! When they are applying for insurance jobs in the USA, they are looking for positions that are going to give them as much as they give you. If your employees are asking for more time off, better pay, or the option to opt-out of overtime, give it to them.


Does it mean making small changes to the way that things operate? Sure, but it helps employees understand that their voices are heard and that their needs are met. There is nothing that matters more to employees than this!


Help your employees see that their loved ones are valued

An employee that works for you is trusting you to take care of not only them but their family by extension. From health insurance plans to compassionate care and more, make sure that they understand that you are going to take care of their family, too. 


There is nothing that can make a negative impression faster than a company that offers benefits to only an employee or a company that finds a loophole out of offering whatever incentives are there to a loved one’s family. 


Realisticitlcally, there are many insurance jobs out there. Since we at Blair Kenner Group focus on talent acquisition and matching employees to job positions, we know the reality of employee needs and retention strategies that work. If your goal is to minimize the employee turnover in your own brand, you’ll have to take a close look at which retention strategies you have in place and how well they are working.

Blair Kenner Group
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