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Solar panels- A complete guide of solar panels

Ankit vats
Solar panels- A complete guide of solar panels

1.     What is Solar Panel


A solar cell panel, solar energy, electric panel, photo-voltaic (PV) module, or solar panel is an assembly of photovoltaic cells mounted in a framework for installation. Best use sunlight as a source of energy to generate electricity. A collection of photo-voltaic (PV) modules is called a photovoltaic (PV) panel, and a system of PV panels is called an array. Arrays of a photovoltaic system supply solar electricity to electrical equipment. A solar panel, solar electric panel, photo-voltaic (PV) module or solar panel is an assembly of photovoltaic cells mounted in a framework for installation. A collection of PV modules is called a PV panel, and a system of PV panels is called an array. The array is the sequence of the multiple solar panels that’s called a solar table and that system is called solar system.

Types of Solar panels

A.    Mono-crystalline solar panel

Mono crystalline is solar panels are made up of a single silicon crystal that makes vary the smooth flow of the particle to generate electricity. Mono-crystalline solar panels prove to be more efficient and effective, and more people actually prefer them. It has 15%-20%efficient. There are 75watt, 125watt,150watt, and 190watt Mono-crystalline solar panels are available on the market

B.    Poly-crystalline Solar Panel

Poly-crystalline solar Panel is made up of several silicon crystals that also act as a hindrance in the flow of particles. Its making them a little inefficient in comparison to the mono-crystalline solar panel. Poly Crystalline Solar Panel which is only 13%-16% efficient. There are 10watt, 20watt, 30watt, and 40watt Poly-crystalline solar panels are available on the market


2.History of Solar Panel

The History of solar energy goes all the way up to over­­­­­­­­­ 100 years . Back in the old days solar energy is used for making the steam which could then be used to drive machinery. Edmond Becquerel that was allow the conversion of sunlight into solar electric energy. Edmond Becquerel  discovery the led to bi invention in 1893 by Charles Fritts of the first of the genuine solar cell. Which was the doating sheets of selenium with a thin layer of gold. Ohl’s invention  first solar panel production in 1954 by the some company.


Today solar panel and complete solar panel system is mainly use for making electricity for home. It’s right the solar panel make by solar cells and being use in the calculators

3. How does Solar Panels Works ?

Solar panels work to collect the renewable energy in the form of sunlight and convert the renewable energy into electric energy which is most important for over home and the used the power for electric loads. Solar panel is the collection of several solar cells which are the composed of layers of silicon, phosphorous(which provide the negative charge to the solar panel).solar panel absorb the sunlight and the photons and doing the initiate a electric current. The resulting energy is generated from photons striking the surface the surface of solar panel allows electrons to be knocked the atomic orbits and released into electric field generate by solar cells which then pull these free electrons into a directional current . A average home has more roof area for necessary more number of solar panel to product solar electricity to supply all of its power needs excess electricity generated goes into main power grid, paying off in electricity use at night..

4. The Benefits of solar panel

Solar Panels is very practical way to generate electricity with free of cost. There is many application generate electricity. The fact That Solar Panel makes the possible to live Modern . The benefit that you to would enjoy from the use of solar power is that it both a clean and renewable source of energy. The main benefits of use solar panels are

A.    Saving Lots Of Money

Immediately after installation, you might notice a big dip in your electricity bills. Its benefits save money per month which will pay on electricity bills when using solar panel at home. Solar panel save 95% electricity bills per month. Switching to solar electricity, the solar panels directly allows you to generates the electricity with the help of the sun. Its helps you increasing your saving. If you have an Off-grid solar system then you can completely eliminate all your electricity costs.

B.    Increase Your Property Value

Are you know, if you are installing a solar panels setup, you will increase you property value 4%-5%Equipping your home with solar energy system up. The setup of solar panel is increase your property rate, Offers real estate most effective rate of your property on selling your property in market

c. Its Not Vary costly

Yes, The Solar Panel setup Installation is costly, but it was one time installment. If you are installing the setup of solar panel, you are free 25years with your electric bills which you 2000 per month for electricity bills.

5.Where I Buy Solar Panel

Well, Here on website

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Ankit vats
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