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How To Camp In Spring: An Easy Guide

Julie Lord
How To Camp In Spring: An Easy Guide

Find out how to camp in spring successfully to make the most of this beautiful time of year in the great outdoors.


Spring is an incredible time to get in the great outdoors. All the new foliage is putting on a show, animals are active and making the cutest babies and the crowds haven't yet descended on the best areas. However, if you aren't prepared, camping during this time of year can be a bit of a washout. Here are our best tips for camping successfully in spring:

Check All Your Gear Is Still In Tact

If you have stored your camping gear in cheap self storage the chances are it is all still in tact but a lot of that depends on your preparation before storing it. It doesn't take much moisture to rot material and to create mould, or to rust metal. Even the most seasoned campers have packed away in a hurry forgetting to air everything out at home. Finding anything damaged before you leave means you can replace it, which is easier than dealing with it in the middle of nowhere.

Take A Relaxed First Trip

If you love the outdoors you might be keen to get straight back into it, planning the adventure to end all adventures. However, you're a bit rusty because of winter and that is normal. Start off with something easy and relaxed to get back into things, preparing for something more challenging a little later down the line.

Expect The Unexpected

Your favourite areas may have changed with the winter weather. Trees may have fallen, areas could be flooded and muddy, animals may be grazing. With proper campsites you can ring ahead (and should ring ahead) but with wild camping you might need a backup plan in case your favourite spot has changed.

Is It Spring Weather?

The spring label doesn't guarantee gorgeous spring sunshine in the UK. The Beast From The East came from nowhere at a time daffodils were meant to be sprouting. Check the weather well in advance, especially if you are staying in high ground.

Take Some Winter Gear Just In Case

You might be tempted to leave your winter gear in the cheap self storage unit, but it could be wise to take some just in case. Evenings can still be cold and so extra ground matts and insulation will be handy.

Be Wary Of Wildlife

Wildlife is active in spring, in that lots of competing for females is occuring, as well as lots of mating and eventually, babies being born. This makes for quite the volatile situation with animals. Rutting deer, females protecting their young - do be wary of where you walk and camp. Animals are instinctual and will think nothing of responding to your presence in any way they see fit.

Need Somewhere To Store Your Camping Kit?

If your camping kit is taking up precious space in your home it might be a good time to look into renting a cheap self storage unit. It will provide a dry, safe and secure space to store your expensive camping gear between trips, so you're adventure ready whenever you want to get out there and enjoy the outdoors come spring, or all year round.


Julie Lord
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