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Applications of Careprost

Applications of Careprost

Careprost is the generic version of Bimatoprost sold under the brand name Lumigan as a prostaglandin analog. Prostaglandin analogs are a new class of hypotensive drugs used for a variety of ocular functions. Prostaglandins are said to play an important role in ocular pathogenesis and in protecting the stomach from ulcers. They are also important in pregnant women that are due to causing contraction in the cervix of the individual.

Careprost with its active component Bimatoprost are structural analogs of prostaglandin F 2alpha and designed specifically for the ocular system of the face. It is structurally similar to other prostaglandin analogs like Travoprost, Latanoprost, and Tafluprost. In Retrospect, it is different from these compounds in mimicking the body's prostamide to achieve its function instead of binding to the prostaglandin F receptor located in the eye's trabecular meshwork.

For glaucoma patients

Buy careprost eyelashes online USA was initially developed for glaucoma patients with raised intraocular pressure or open-angle glaucoma conditions for decreasing the intraocular pressure. These conditions tended to have continuous conditions of raised IOP, which in course of time affected the optic nerves and resulted in permanent vision loss. Careprost on being applied intraocularly enters the eye through the corneal surface and acts on the uveoscleral drainage canals to lower the intraocular pressure.

For lashes

Careprost while being used in glaucoma patients was found to create darker and denser lashes as a side-effect of usage. This led to its subsequent usage and in course of time approval as a lash enhancing serum. Especially useful for cases of lash hypotrichosis and chemotherapy-induced lash loss, it can also be used on healthy lashes to further their aesthetic appearance. Careprost works on the growth phases of these lashes to prolong the growth phase and convert the stagnant phase into an active growth phase for improving the lash growth over the lids.

For eyebrows

Studies have shown that Careprost works on vasodilation of the blood vessels connected to the hair follicles of the lash and brow region. This results in the improved blood circulation of the brow region and subsequently improved hair growth. It works especially well in brow loss as a result of burns, injuries, or alopecia conditions. Along with working on the hair follicles, it further works on the keratin present over the hair shaft for increased pigmentation of the newly growing hair.

The important precautions to be taken before the use of Bimatoprost are

- Remove your contact lenses or wait for at least 15-20 minutes after application of Bimatoprost before reusing them. Bimatoprost contains Benzalkonium chloride among its inactive ingredients. This can permanently discolor the contact lens and render them useless. To avoid this remove your lenses or wash your hands thoroughly before reapplying them after Careprost use.

- Remove your makeup, thoroughly cleanse your face of impurities and pat the lashes dry before applying Careprost over them. If using in the morning apply Bimatoprost first and only after it has completely dried, use other makeup products over it.

- Do not use Careprost on the lower lashes as it can render them an unnatural appearance.

Who should not use Careprost

- people allergic to the medication

- users with active lid abrasions and bruises

- Pregnant or breastfeeding ladies

- Those with hypersensitivity reactions

- People with active macular edema conditions

That said, you know how taking the wrong dose or overconsuming Careprost can cause unwanted health troubles. If you want to stay out of any of such trouble, it is better to consult a doctor before you start taking Careprost. Also, make sure you are buying drugs from a reputed online seller to not end up with fake medicines. 

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