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How to cure Hair Loss and Stay Confident

Haya Ali
How to cure Hair Loss and Stay Confident

Are you suffering from hair loss? Do you know many people in their mid-30s started to face this issue and they are psychologically affected due to this? Some people, face the same issue in their 20s also. There are many reasons that cause hair loss in a person. Genetics, Lifestyle, Underlying diseases, Medication and more. 

Hair loss has an obvious psychological impact. When the loss of hair begins to be visible, people experience a feeling of insecurity. Hair loss has a great influence on an emotional level. Normally, those who have hair loss can suffer from a lack of confidence and self-esteem. One of the reasons is because, at a social level, baldness is considered a symptom of old age. In the initial phases, there are those who try to deny it. And it is that, hair loss has an influence on the patient's mood. And it can even generate:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Lack of Confidence
  • Insecurity
  • Low self-esteem

This is why most of the people go after hair transplants and other expensive solutions. But everybody can't afford such solutions as they are expensive.


So what if you can have your hair back after a period of hair loss. Is there any alternative cure to baldness?

We researched on the above question and found something that can be useful to anybody who wants to regrow their hair and gain the lost confidence.

First, you need to recheck your hair care routine and diet

Goodbye to hot water

High-temperature showers can cause damage to the scalp by stripping it of essential oils that help protect it, causing dryness and inflammation. There is no direct evidence that they lead to hair loss, but some believe that inflammation of the scalp can result in the miniaturization of hair follicles and thinning hair.

Massage the scalp

Some studies, such as the one conducted by the Department of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery at Nippon Medical School in Tokyo, have suggested that scalp massage has the potential to increase hair density by improving blood circulation in the scalp. Scalp and hair follicles, as well as increasing the activity of genes that promote hair growth. An added benefit is that massage helps reduce stress levels, another factor linked to hair loss.

Exercise Regularly

Regular exercise can improve blood circulation in the body. It can also increase your metabolism. Regular exercise with a vitamin-rich diet can cure almost any lifestyle sickness. If your hair loss is due to stress, exercise and good food are the best medicine. This can reverse your hair loss and make you look younger.

Neo Hair Lotion for Hair Loss

There are many types of hair oils available on the market, claiming they are the cure for hair loss. But when it comes to Neo hair lotion in Qatar, we have noticed genuine customer reviews with better results. With natural ingredients, this Thailand product helped many customers to cure their hair loss. 

The step to use Neo Hair Lotion is very simple:

  1. Shower and Clean your head
  2. Massage & Comb, You can also use a Derma roller to stimulate your hair follicles
  3. Spray the lotion into the roots. Leave it for 20-30 minutes and wash it off with baby shampoo.

Within 3 months of regular use, many customers reported noticeable differences in their hair regrowth journey.

Even though the above advice can help you to regrow your hair, there is still a chance for hair fall. So after getting your hair back, you need to nourish it with nutrients and protect it from harsh soap or shampoo. Neo Hair lotion is really magical and the best solution for hair loss. 

Haya Ali
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