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CI/CD with Kubernetes and serverless architectures

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CI/CD with Kubernetes and serverless architectures

Kubernetes and serverless architectures for continuous integration and delivery

Many teams operating CI/CD pipelines in cloud environments use containers like Docker as well as orchestration systems like Kubernetes.

Containers make it simple to scale up and down environments with varying workloads.

There are numerous approaches to combining containers, infrastructure as code (IaC), and CI/CD pipelines.

Another option is to deploy and scale your applications using a serverless architecture.

In a serverless environment, the infrastructure is managed by the cloud service provider, and the application consumes resources as needed based on its configuration. Serverless applications run as Lambda functions on AWS, for example, and deployments can be integrated into a Jenkins CI/CD pipeline via a plugin.

GPS serverless computing and Azure serverless computing are services that are similar.

Next generation CI/CD applications

You might be interested in some of the more advanced areas of CI/CD pipeline development and management. Here are a few examples:

  • MLOps provides infrastructure, integration, and deployment of machine learning models in training and production environments.
  • Machine learning is used in synthetic data generation techniques to create data sets that are used by test automation engineers to test APIs and data scientists to train models.
  • Engineers also use CI/CD in network configuration, embedded systems, database changes, IoT, and AR/VR.
  • Teams working on microservices build reusable pipelines to support and scale development and evaluate Azure and AWS options.
  • AIOps platforms, also known as machine learning and automation in IT operations, collect observability data and correlate alerts from various sources into incidents. Automations can be used to trigger CI/CD deployments and rollbacks as needed.

Creating a CI/CD pipeline is common practise for companies that frequently improve their applications and require a dependable delivery process. Once in place, the CI/CD pipeline allows the team to focus on improving applications rather than the details of delivering them to various environments.

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