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How To Promote And Sell NFT Art Using Instagram

williams gorge
How To Promote And Sell NFT Art Using Instagram

Instagram is ranked the fourth most used social media app globally, it also has over 1386000000 active users. Instagram is a wide platform that highly supports business users with its paid ads. Influencers also use instagram widely to gain and actively engage with followers.

When it comes to NFT promotion there are no other apps that can match the results given by instagram. This being said because Instagram has more active NFT followers than any other social media platforms. There are some marketing tips in instagram that will work effectively:

  1. Create Reels

Reels are the short videos that come under your content. Reels are trending right now and people are seeing reels more than the posts. So creating a reel will be highly effective. Creating reels has also been made simple with the instagram interface.

  1. Use Stories

Stories are a great way to promote NFT’s. You can post stories and attract an audience and engage them with your story contents. You can also post updates on your NFT art project.

  1. Post & write

For creating a successful profile you need to maintain the page with utmost care. Posting low quality contents & pictures will lead users unfollowing your page. This will lead to low followers, so post quality contents and high quality images.

  1. Use Hashtags

Hashtag is one of the main things instagram uses to predict the post and show it to the targeted audience. If you use the right hashtags representing your post there are more chances for you to get an organic reach. By this you can get genuine followers who come there for your content. Use hashtags that are so close to your niche and go wider.

  1. Pay An Influencer
  2. Paying an influencer will help you gain high visibility for your NFT collection. The NFT influencer will create content based on your NFT and post them to the audience. Choosing a proper influencer in your niche can be time consuming, but if proper efforts are laid it can lead to a beautiful relationship with the influencer and his audience. A good NFT Art collection marketing agency will help you partner with the right influencer. With agencies your cost for hiring an influencer can be reduced.
  3. Use paid ads

Paids ads are Instagram's advertising options; they help you to reach people who share a similar interest with your product. They also help you to reach different demographics and age grouped people. These are highly effective in promotions. You can run a successful paid ad by building an attractive profile with appropriate posts and information. You can also boost a single post that you think can perform well with the audience. Doing this effectively will help you gain a massive audience of your same niche.

These are all some of the main strategies you can use to build an instagram profile and increase your followers. Try them to get the most out of your instagram profile. Also keep these in mind while creating your content

Things to have in mind

Think about the audience

While creating a post make sure to keep your audience in mind, what they require and what you can provide. You need to provide them valuable information in order to sustain and grow. Once your contents turn towards this path there is no going back. You also need to have in mind to post using framed posting methods, use 4 to 5 posts per week and ten plus stories. This will give the users a good engagement.


Consistency is the key for achieving success in your instagram profile promotion. When you are consistent with your contents, there are more chances, your profile will grow widely.


Educate your followers to maintain the level of interest they show on you. If you are an enthusiast of NFT's then you must think about educating your audience with such NFT related contents & news.

These are the tips and tricks used in forming an instagram account and managing them. Try them to market your instagram profile.

williams gorge
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