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TEXT: I KINGS 19:19-20.

DATE: 25/5/2022                    


A Mantle is a cloak of divine authority. A mantle is the release of power on the mentee from his mentor.        

A mantle Is a dimension of God that is captured by a man for his generation. You can't command mantle until you are connected to a dimension of God.      

A mantle is a kiss of grace that causes your life to respond differently. It provides a launching path for a greater supernatural encounter. Where grace is sufficient, life is made efficient. Effort without grace is sweat without result.              

When grace is sufficient life is made comfortable.         Grace decreases your sweat. Where there is Mantle, special miracles are wrought. Mantles are not for decoration, but for manifestations 

A Mantle is a force of grace upon a man. A mantle is the transmission of power of God for signs and wonders. Where there is mantle, special signs are wrought. Mantle is like a charge battery ready to discharge. Mantles are for manifestation.. manifestation is the reality tangible kingdom inheritance.

A Mantle is a covering, a mantle is an enveloper, mantles covers you from the winds and storms of life. Every oil of a father or Ministry carries a mantle. Mantle is the release of Impartation for the purpose of turning expectations to manifestation. In the hands of an anointed man, anything is a Mantle/ token. Impartation is Transition without labour, result without sweat.It is the release of product without process.    

Where there is impartation, what others go to the bush to look for, will come looking for you. Impartation gives you an attainment without process.. By impartation, Solomon did not undergo what others went. by precedence Absolom fought side by side with David. Absolom was a grassroot politician. But Solomon became king without due process by impartation. By impartation, it takes you to level where you get things without efforts. Impartation is guaranteed by mantles. In other words, only mantles guarantees impartation. . Melchizedek is a kind of a pastor carrying a heavy duty mantle, Mantles gives you an exchange that takes you to a place between you and a carrier of unction .        

7 BENEFITS OF MANTLES               

1. You experience a commanded blessings. Gen. 24:.1-2. Mantles can turn what is invisible to reality. Abraham was carrying a prophecy without evidence. He was blessed by the mantle of Melchizedek. Abraham was carrying promises without properties. What was invisible became a reality via an encounter with Melchizedek. The blessing is a transferable commodity. 

2. Supernatural sponsorship: Jer. 17: 7-8. 

3. You will experience Dominion mandate. Is the key to duplicate the result of you mentor. Abraham dominated Jerusalem because Melchizedek dominated Salem. Dominion is when life submit to you. Dominion Is riding on the waves of greatness. Dominion is having success as a lifestyle. Celebrating God without eating the good of the land is a terrible thing. Gen.49:25. 

4. It gives rise to destiny security. PS. 110: 4. It ends rising and falling in a man's life.            

5. You have access to possession on earth . Between you and any city is a treasure.           

6. Every Mantles releases destiny projection. Mantle brings you out . Brings out the greatness that is buried on your inside . 

The end of you is the end of life/ destiny. Some Mantles come on you to reveal you. (Judges 6:12 ). God's investment is always in who you are. You are more than what destiny throws at you. The projection of you is the projection of destiny. See yourself as a man born to fulfill destiny. You are more important than your destiny. Anytime you bury a man, a future has been buried. Mantle affects the essence of who you are. Some mantles comes to reveal or unveil you . Non discovering of self makes you to beg. Mantles opens your eyes to know yourself. 

7. Mantles are for lifting.. Ps. 3:2. Abraham was a testimony of unforgettable lifting. To be lifted means to be raised, enlarged, magnified, exalted, promoted etc. God is too committed to leave you on the floor. 1 Sam. 2:7. 

No condition is too bad that God cannot change.         Until you know who you are, you won't know what you want. You are a light, Jesus Christ function as light. John 8: 12. Jesus Christ understood himself. Mantles brings out whom you are to fulfill your destiny. David existed as a light. 2 Samuel 21:15- 17.

David was projected as light. You won't die anyhow if you know who you are. When mantles comes upon you, there is a projection of your light. John 20:21, Matt: 5:14. You become an illumination to your generation. Light exist to terminate darkness & to humble darkness. Light is for rulership.Gen. 1: 16 . Light is for direction.(Neh. 9:12). ( Neh. 9: 19). Light makes you not to be stranded. You will never lack direction.     


1 Spiritual Positioning. Positioning by prayers, positioning by sacrifice etc Casuality is an enemy of mantles. You repeat class when you casualize the things of God.                  

2. Connectivity : Proximity without connectivity equals to captivity. You become casual when you are familiar. Association doesn't guarantee your connectivity. Connectivity with Association is equal to transmission, Following the anointed without connectivity Denies you access to Impartation. Connectivity is required to catch a revelation. Casuality is an enemy of mantle, Familiarity is a thief of mantle.

Shepherd House
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