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Full-Suspension Vs. Hardtail Mountain Bikes

Albert Johnson
Full-Suspension Vs. Hardtail Mountain Bikes

Full-suspension mountain bikes have both a front suspension fork and a rear shock. A hardtail bike only has a suspension bar. Mountain bikes have different suspensions, which can affect their control, comfort, and traction.

Choosing a full-suspension bike is ideal if:

  • absorb most of the bumps and jolts that could otherwise be sent to y
  • If you're prepared to spend more, High-quality entry-level full suspension mountain bikes start at $1,500. It's possible to make a great choice if you are comfortable spending that much (or more) on full suspension for the terrain you desire to ride.
  • Most people ride technical trails. If you enjoy pedaling through rock gardens and up and over roots, and off drops, a full suspension mountain bike might be the right choice. Full-suspension bikes were designed for this type of terrain. The combination of front suspension and rear suspension allows for a smoother ride, better handling, and traction. This can translate into more fun on bumpy terrain.
  • A full-suspension mountain bike will 
  • our body. This can reduce fatigue and allow you to ride more efficiently, for longer periods of time, and with greater comfort. Speed is what you need: The front and rear suspension absorb bumps so well that you can usually carry more speed on technical sections than with a hardtail.


Choosing a hardtail mountain bike is ideal if:

  • If you have a tight budget, a hardtail will almost always give you more bikes for your money, especially if it is less than $1,500. Because hardtails are simpler and less costly to make, bike manufacturers can include more expensive components like brakes, shifters, derailleurs, etc. These components are often found on comparably-priced full-suspension bikes.
  • You ride mostly on smooth trails. A hardtail bike is best for you if you ride mostly on smooth trails. It will give you a fun and fast ride that can take up moderate bumps thanks to its front suspension fork.
  • If you like low-maintenance, hardtail bikes can be your choice. Hardtail bikes have fewer moving parts and are easier to maintain than full suspension bikes and that's why it also comes among good mountain bikes. A minimum of basic maintenance is required. Find out more about the Basic Maintenance of a Bike.
  • A lightweight bike is what you want: Hardtails are lighter than full-suspension bicycles due to their simple design and fewer parts. If you plan on climbing steep hills or traveling long distances, a lighter bike can be a benefit. The weight difference between higher-end full suspension bikes and lower-end models can be negligible if you are willing to pay the extra money.

       A hardtail is the best choice if you're in good physical condition, enjoy riding through winter, are a frequent rider on buffed trails, and want to use your mountain bike as a commuter.

The dual-suspension mountain bikes are ideal for riders who live near a trailhead, or those who don't mind driving to the trail sites. They will perform better on technical singletrack and are more comfortable. This is especially true for those who have suffered from an injury or are suffering from an age-related condition also you can opt for a trailer hitch bike rack to allow you to easily get to your bikes with moderate lifting A hardtail is for you if you are able to ride in all conditions and have a budget.

Do you like the idea of taking small steps and climbing up rocks? Dual-suspension will work better for you but you'll end up paying more for a heavier bike.

A hardtail mountain bike and a full suspension one might be the same price, but there are many options and prices. There are many reasons why riders might choose one over the other. Hardtails are generally cheaper than full-suspension bicycles, but once prices reach parity, you can choose either one.

Albert Johnson
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