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Helix Jump: The Most Disturbing Game of 2017

Helix Jump: The Most Disturbing Game of 2017

Gaming can be an escape from the real world, or it can give us a new persapective on things. Sometimes, it’s even both at once. 

That’s what makes games like Helix Jump stand out; they explore uncomfortable yet important themes through gameplay that is challenging, engaging, and above all – rewarding.

In Helix Jump, you play as a group of caterpillars trying to escape their cocoons. You do this by spinning your way up a helix-shaped labyrinth filled with various creepy crawlies and gross tentacles.

If that sounds weird, that’s because it is! Yet at the same time, it makes perfect sense when you consider the game was released in October 2017. 

Keep reading to learn more about Helix Jump and why it may be one of the most disturbing video games released last year...

What is Helix Jump?

Helix Jump is an adaptive, virtual reality gaming platform that enables anyone to play and compete against others from anywhere in the world. Using virtual reality headsets like the Oculus Rift or HTC Vive, players take on the role of a pilot who is randomly dropped into a variety of different planetary environments. There are many games to choose from, including popular franchises like Battlefield, Fortnite, Call of Duty, and Minecraft. The point is that you can jump into a game and compete against opponents from around the world at any time. Helix Jump gives players this chance by creating random maps with different terrains and obstacles. You see those glows in the sky? A meteor just hit that place! Get ready to jump... Think you’re good enough? Great! Helix Jump has several leagues for all levels of gamers. From casual gamers to professional players looking for dynamic competition every week, there’s something for everyone with Helix Jump.

How To Play Helix Jump

Helix Jump is a free arcade racing game where you control an autonomous car that can change direction while in mid-air. It’s like playing with a ball on an elastic band. The goal is to reach the finish line before the time runs out. You’ll unlock new tracks, improve your car’s acceleration and top speed, and try to beat your best lap times. The game offers single player and local multiplayer modes (up to 4 players). 

As the name implies, Helix Jump relies on its unique mechanic: once you start playing the game, your car will automatically jump into the air as soon as you touch it. You just have to press both of the shoulder buttons at the same time when you land back on solid ground to initiate a special power dash move. During this movement, your car will automatically rotate 180 degrees. If you don’t want to use it right away, simply hold down both of the shoulder buttons again and release them when you are ready to jump again.

Why Is Helix Jump So Hard?

Games that are hard to beat make for some of the most entertaining experiences. Getting stuck on a puzzle or level for hours is frustrating, but that’s why we love these games so much. The best of them are purposefully difficult and demand a lot from their players. This can be seen in many different indie games but is especially present in Helix Jump. 

This arctic-themed puzzle game has you controlling a little character who can only move up and down on the screen by jumping from ice spike to ice spike. It seems simple enough, but it gets challenging fast! Players will have to think carefully about where they land because they can’t just jump anywhere they want; there are only certain areas where you can land safely with another ice spike right above you. Each new level presents even more challenges than the last, with double spikes, red ones that kill you instead of just making you jump higher, and much more.

Things to Avoid When Playing Helix Jump

For those who don’t know, Helix Jump is a game that has you guiding a ball through multiple stages and obstacles. The objective of the game is to get the ball to the end of each level as quickly as possible. To do this, you need to master your trajectory and maneuverability. With that being said, it is important for you to know some things about when playing Helix Jump that will keep you from getting hurt or frustrated. Keep reading if you want to learn more about these topics.


As a marketer, you know you’re always looking for new ways to engage your audience. The Helix Jump game is a unique way to get your audience interacting with your brand in an engaging, challenging and memorable way. A helix jump game is a great ice-breaker, team-builder and helps your brand stand out from the crowd. 

The Helix Jump game is an activity that can be used as part of pre-game warm up or even a standalone activity at events and tournaments. It requires minimal materials and set up time, which makes it perfect for last minute planning and execution. Let’s take a look at how you could implement a Helix Jump game as part of your marketing plan.

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