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Why is custom developing a WordPress website is worth a risk than using premade WordPress themes?

Why is custom developing a WordPress website is worth a risk than using premade WordPress themes?

When you start developing a website with WordPress, you'll see that the user-friendly control panel, extensive customer support, and abundance of plugins and widgets all make it much easier to manage your site and make changes to the content and appearance as needed. Changing the background color in WordPress is frequently as simple as checking a box in the settings.

To make things even easier, you may select from a variety of ready-made WordPress themes when you initially start. By pressing the 'install' button on any of these themes, you can give your site a completely different appearance and experience. There are hundreds to select from, so you're sure to find one that matches your company well.

What Is The Distinction Between These Two Terms?

You may buy a pre-built WordPress theme from a store like ThemeForest. These are intended to be resold several times to meet basic business requirements. Wireframing, creating, and constructing a bespoke website to meet your business's goals in the best way possible is what custom WordPress development is all about.

But, should a company use a pre-made WordPress theme or, better yet, hire a professional web design firm to create a Custom WordPress Design?

Pros of custom WordPress development:

Below are the pros of custom WordPress development:


You have total control.

A professional developer will ensure that you have total control over your website and that you can make content changes whenever you want without any help. Custom Post Types are a feature of WordPress that allows developers to design accessible interfaces for our clients to use and change their websites.

The ability to anticipate the future.

A custom theme will be designed to your specifications with the fewest number of plugins feasible. The fewer plugins you have, the better. When WordPress Core changes and your website switches to a new version, the rest of your site must be compatible for everything to work correctly. It's also a lot easier to employ a developer once it's been constructed rather than attempting to figure out how to work with a theme.

It was created with your company in mind.

Every business has its own distinct identity, and your website should be no different. You'll have your custom website where you can plan every step of the process. When you're attempting to expand a business, it's critical to make sure your website targets your audience as effectively as possible.

Cons of Custom WordPress Development: 


When starting from scratch, it takes a lot longer to plan, design, construct, and launch a website. The research process and deciding how to set out all of the parts in a way that your audience will comprehend are critical to the success of your company. A bespoke website takes roughly 2-3 months to complete on average.

The financial implications.

Because it takes so long, the price rises, and because many people are unfamiliar with the steps involved in creating a website, I'll outline mine:

  • Design Development (Wireframe/Rough Design)
  • A unique website might cost anything higher amount to develop.

Pros of using pre-built WordPress themes: 

 You will save money.

This might be an excellent alternative for a small business setting up a simple website. On ThemeForest, you can purchase pre-built themes for a lower price. Remember that each of these themes is unique, with its own set of restrictions and learning curves. After you've purchased the music, you'll probably want to tweak some aspects and modify them to match your needs, which might take some time to master because each is unique.

You'll save a significant amount of time.

This might be an excellent alternative if you need to get something up quickly and don't mind improvising. Because pre-built pages and parts are used, the amount of preparation for a theme is drastically reduced. In a few weeks, you'll have a piece up and running.

There are several choices available to you.

There are many options, and there are themes for almost every business. This is a terrific place to start your business, and it may even inspire you. 


Both strategies have a place, and the stage of your business will dictate which path you should choose. Customizing a WordPress theme is more complex, but pre-built themes will be less expensive to develop and complete sooner. Customizing an article for a website takes longer than using pre-made themes. It will take some time to build each feature. To create custom WordPress themes, people with limited coding knowledge will need the assistance of a professional. You can also hire a custom WordPress development company in India to get your professional work done in no time.

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