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Top 6 Best Online Video Monetization Platforms List in 2022?

Meryem Rai
Top 6 Best Online Video Monetization Platforms List in 2022?

Because there are so many video creators, there are also so many consumers who want to stay up with the latest content.

However, in recent years, there has been a lot more structure in this market when it comes to establishing a sustainable video monetization approach. 

Yes, the emergence of video streaming platforms—in the form of a VOD platform, for example—has thrown a huge wrench into the industry's revenue. Thus began the evolution of video monetization platform, which has proven to be beneficial to both content creators and consumers. 

It proved to be a well-rounded solution for complete, end-to-end content monetization mediation for the content's legitimate associate.

What does video monetization entail? Making money off of your video content using a content monetization platform is the best way to describe it. That is to say, you will see a legitimate return on your content creation efforts.

Now, let's talk about how to make money off of video content– The concept isn't tied to a single method; rather, it allows you the option of choosing between three popular methods. They're classified as "models of," "models of," and "models of."

SVOD stands for Subscription Video On Demand, and it is commonly used by media firms as a revenue generator for their platforms. This concept involves paying for access to the complete library's contents in exchange for paid memberships.

AVOD This concept focuses on inserting commercial adverts at various places within a single video segment for each video streamed.

Transactional Video On Demand (TVOD) is a monetization mechanism that creates a revenue stream from every transaction of a video commodity at a purchase rate.

PVOD stands for Premium Video On Demand, and it can be thought of as a unique approach for monetizing just premium content.

Hybrid– a mix of anything you think your platform needs. However, this paradigm is best suited for higher-level platforms.

Six Video Monetization Platforms

  1. VPlayed
  2. IBM
  3. Brightcove
  4. VImeo OTT

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Meryem Rai
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