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Detailed Procedure to Setup IJ Start Canon Printer Software Driver

Detailed Procedure to Setup IJ Start Canon Printer Software Driver

Use this page to install the relevant drivers for your printer via http://ij.start.canon setup.

Whenever one needs to get the documents print, papers, photo prints, scanning or anything, ij.start.canon makes you learn everything i.e. from setting up the Canon Printer to making sure that you get amazing results.

Complete Guide for Canon Printer Setup on Windows

  • Canon Ij Setup software– Try downloading the Canon IJ printer set-up through ij.start.canon setup or can install Canon CD-ROM.
  • To connect to Wi-Fi, Press the Wi-Fi button on your printer till you see an orange color flashlight
  • On the nearby wireless router, press the WPS button and then wait for the green and blue lights for the Wireless router.
  • On your Canon ij setup printer, check if your laptop or PC has the same Wi-Fi connection.
  • Start the software installation now. Just double click on the downloaded (from ij.start.canon) setup file.
  • Once you have started your installation, select a connection type. Such as a wireless connection or a USB connection.

Wireless Connection Setup

  • Advanced technology printers generally have the option of Wireless Connection. To set up your printer without any cable with your laptop/ PC, go to wireless settings on your printer. Select the option Wireless
  • LAN Setup Wizard, and then connect the network with the same Wi-Fi connection as your laptop/PC.

USB Setup

You can use your USB cable if your printer doesn’t support a wireless network. You get the cable along with your printer. Plug one side of your cable to the printer and the other side to the Laptop/ PC.

  • Now, follow the instructions showing on the Canon Printer software installation screen, and then click on the Finish button.
  • If your printer is not able to connect to a wireless connection, then you may use a USB cable. All you need to do is, just plug in your cable to the printer through a PC or a Laptop port.
  • You are now ready to use your Canon ij printer which may include printing, scanning, etc.
  • To start printing, just adjust all your settings i.e. the setting of paper, printer quality and then press Ctrl+P.

How to setup a Canon Printer on Mac

  • Firstly, open the site, ij.start canon.
  • To find the appropriate driver, enter your canon printer model number
  • The version will of your operating system detects automatically and if not detected, select the version.
  • Select the Driver file through the driver tab and then download it. Do to your laptop/PC or no that includes Canon IJ Scan Utility Package only.
  • After the completion of download, do install the file by tapping on the .PKG file.
  • After the installation is complete, click on the utility folder to use the printer.

How to Fix Canon Printer won’t connect to WiFi

The most common problem is when the Canon printer is not connected to WiFi. These problems are just unnecessary and they originate from anywhere. You want to print the most important paper of the day and you will see this error. Well, how do you solve it?

Well, some steps can help you to fix the problem. But before going straight into the steps, you need to know the cause of the problem. There are several reasons for this problem.

Reasons for Canon printer won’t connect to WiFi

1- Wifi Distance

This may be the reason that WiFi is so far away from the printer that it cannot pick up the correct WiFi signal. This is why you may get an error stating that you are unable to connect your printer to WiFi.

To solve this problem, make sure that WiFi and printer are not far away from each other. If they are nearby, you are still experiencing this error, it may mean that there is an object blocking the signals.

When you see that the signals are blocked. Make sure there are no objects in between that are blocking the signals.

2- Server Problem

The server may be down due to which you are experiencing the problem. There may be a backend problem, which is why the Canon printer fails to connect to WiFi.

In this case, you can call your ISP and make sure of the problem you are facing. This way you will be able to know at what time you can expect the return of services and manage your documents.

3- The Printer is Connected to Another wifi network

There are times when the printer is connected to another wifi, so you give it a command and it does not work properly. You need to make sure that the dummy printer is connected to WiFi, which means that your printer cannot connect to WiFi.

If you see that this is the problem, then there are some that you need to follow to solve it which will be discussed below.

4- Router off:

There are times when the problem is nothing but the router shuts down. This can only happen if the problem is with the router only. But the router is closed, that’s why you are facing the problem.

Make sure it works and doesn’t look or not.

As we have now discussed the causes of the problem, let us now discuss the troubleshooting steps to solve the problem.

How to Fix Canon printer won’t connect to WiFi

1- Restart Printer and Router

Whenever you face this kind of problem, the first thing to do is to power your printer as well as the WiFi router. Well, how are you going to do it? What steps can I take to solve this problem?

Sometimes there is some problem due to an error and we restart our devices to fix the problem. To restart devices, you must follow a series of steps.

  • To successfully restart the printer, the first thing to do is to shut down both the printer and the router. After that, unplug the wires from both devices. Allow both devices to remain that way for a minute before turning on.
  • After waiting patiently for a minute, you need to reconnect all the wires. When all the wires are properly connected, you will have to restart the printer and router. After turning on the router as well as the printer, check whether the printer is online.
  • Now see if you can make a mark. If you can take impressions, then you have solved the problem. If the Canon printer fails to connect to WiFi, then you should read the next step to resolve the problem.

2- Check internet connectivity basics

Some specific options need to be enabled when you connect the printer to WiFi. If you have not enabled the wifi option then no person can access the printer. Similarly, several options must be activated.

Let us see what are the tasks that need to be activated and how are we going to activate them.

  • First of all, you need to make sure that your WiFi network is working well and which devices are connected to it. Check if there is no restriction on connectivity and also check internet speed.
  • When the internet is slow, it will cause problems for you. After that, check your internet connection for the wifi option as it should be enabled. Make sure you also check your computer for WiFi laptop settings as there can be no restriction on any device.

3- Make sure the printer is set to the default

You should also ensure that the same printer is added to the computer and is also set as the default. You should also make sure that your PC or laptop is not in Airplane mode. If it is in airplane mode, you need to turn it off.

Ensure that the printer is kept as close to the router as possible, otherwise, it will not be able to take signals properly. You should also check all wired connections and make sure the USB connector is properly seated and there are no errors.

If you are using a wireless printer, make sure that you have selected the wireless connection option. Also, make sure that you fill in the correct username and password.

After that, see if you are still facing a Canon printer won't connect to wifi. If you no longer have this problem, it means that you have fixed the problem.


Some things need to be kept in mind to fix the problem. If you still have problems with the Canon printer, please do not connect to WiFi. This can then be an advanced issue and you may not be able to fix it.

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