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How did Email marketing come into the bigger picture?

Email marketing is the most direct and effective way of connecting with your leads, nurturing them, and turning them into customers over all the marketing channels.

The first email was sent by Ray Tomilson in the year 1971. Email marketing basically helps to connect with the audience and promote your brand. We are using email for digital communication and marketing. 72% of people prefer promotional content through email.  This is the right platform because when you talk about conversion there is not a more powerful channel than email. In fact, the average click-through rate of an email campaign is around three percent.  Email marketing is used to

·      Build relations with personalizing engagement

·      Brand awareness

·      Nurture leads

·      Generates leads

·      Promotion of product

The importance of email marketing is to High return on investment, an effective channel to reach customers, and easy to integrate with other communication channels. In email marketing, promotional messages are sent to the targeted audience to generate leads and sales in the form of advertising. Email marketing can be welcome mails, transactional mails, informational emails, direct mail, promotional emails, etc.

Best effective Email marketing practice requires

1.      An active email list (these are the contacts that have shown interest in your brand or offer or products),

2.      An email service provider that helps in the design and executes automated email for marketing to targeted audience strategies and

3.      Defined Business goals to drive sales, generates leads, boost brand awareness & keep the audience engaged.

4.      Strategies for successful Email marketing campaigns are:

·      Personalized subject line and emails

·      Ask for permissions and verify your email list

·      Mobile-friendly emails

·      Customer segmentation

·      Tested email campaign elements

·      Automation of email campaigns

·      Monitor email performance data

·      Focus on objective

·      Keep your list warm

Advantages of Email Marketing: -

·      Significantly faster and cheaper

·      Use ESP to gather information about the behavior of recipients

·      It is free and easy to use

·      Measurable

·      Scalable

·      Segmented and more personalized messages

·      Gives you more control

·      Can track user engagement

The disadvantage of Email Marketing: -

·      Need to be imaginative to ensure the email is opened and noticed (tough competition)

·      Need an active email list for campaigns to be operative

·      Sender reputation takes a hit, so the use of tricky rules & regulations is needed

·      Delivery issues / Undeliverable emails

·      Impersonal, information-overloaded, and malicious use

·      Time consuming and insecure

·      Low effectiveness

·      Hard to manage customer lists

How to systematize your Email Marketing campaign?

For effective email marketing campaigns always define a list of segmentation so that data can be used for subscribers and groups. Segments are necessary for a personalized campaign. Workflow should be effective that should meet your predefined objective.

Tips for creating a marketing list

Lead magnets are good practice and are beneficial for email marketing, don’t buy an email list. Treating your customer right is the best practice of email marketing. Lead magnets can be something that attracts the audience to give information, it can be eBook’s, infographics, tools, videos, checklists, webinars, discounts, win prizes etc.

Email Marketing Tools

Email marketing tools are used to create, send, test, optimize and report email campaigns. These are

·      SendinBlue

·      Drip

·      Active campaigns

·      Convert kits 

·      Aweber

·      GetRespose

·      Mailchimp (All in one marketing integrated emails, automation email, social media, landing pages, digital ads, postcards, transactional emails)

Always use engaging and relevant messages to connect with the audience, avoid email spam filters and be aware of rules and regulations. You can learn email marketing by availing of any digital marketing courses. There are several institutes which offers digital marketing courses in India.










Digital marketing courses in India
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