Complete Guide on the Single Extruder Barrel and Screw


Omega is the most well-known and well-established producer and supplier of single screw barrels in China. Our Single Screw Barrels and single extruder are made using cutting-edge technology and machinery, enabling them to deliver various benefits, including solid ability, durability, accurate fitting, user-friendliness, and ease of removal. Our wares are tailor-made to suit each consumer's particular demands and necessities.

Throughout many decades, beginning with simple single-flight geometries and progressing to the complicated barrier and mixing systems. The melting and solids transporting characteristics of the single screw extruder have been increased thanks to recent developments in screw design, resulting in better productivity. Our innovative barrier screw designs are responsible for the most critical breakthroughs in melting that have been obtained recently.


Our alloys provide significantly improved abrasion and corrosion resistance to barrels used in harsh environments, particularly those that include filled materials such as glass, titanium dioxide, quartz, talc, mineral oxides, and others.


We can build practically any barrel, including jacketed, re-sleeved, vented, groove-feed, and nitrite barrels.


In applications involving plastics and rubber, new barrel and screw are intended to have a lifespan that is four to five times longer than that of goods with an equal level of nitrating.

Quick approximately

Around We can offer you barrels wherever you are in the globe because we have the skills, the personnel, and the manufacturing facilities to do it, as well as knowledge of practically any extruder brand that is in operation today.

Barrel Alignment

Investing in a new barrel or screw may often be a significant financial burden for a company. This burden may not lie in the replacement item’s price itself but in the amount of time, effort, and output lost due to making the switch.

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