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Does My Small Business Need IT Support in Dallas?

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Does My Small Business Need IT Support in Dallas?

Dallas, Texas is a great place to start a business. For one thing, the city has experienced massive growth in recent years. Along with the ever-increasing population that has landed it among the fastest-growing United States metro areas, there has also been a rise in job and startup rates. It has attracted dozens of Fortune 1000 companies. If you are getting your small business in Dallas kicked off, you need to be aware of all that comes with it. A big part of this is your technological capabilities, which can make or break you. Let’s think about how IT support in Dallas can bring you more success in your business ventures.

You can keep your productivity level high.

No one likes to endure setbacks. It’s even more frustrating to have a setback when there was an opportunity to prevent it that you chose to overlook. When your team lacks IT expertise, this could continue to be the case. An IT support company in Dallas won’t let you miss out on precious time that you could spend achieving your business goals. They manage the day-to-day functions of your business technology. This includes your IT infrastructure, network, and any relevant applications. Because they have a long-term strategy in mind that involves responsive communication, your business will be more than capable of streamlining your workload.

IT support in Dallas will maintain your systems.

Software and hardware aren’t made to last a lifetime. In fact, technology is constantly evolving, so you need to keep up. Yet, keeping up with too many third-party vendors can be exhausting. Your small business may recognize the importance of these relationships and highly benefit from them. They allow you to accomplish more because they are providing you with the specific products or services you need. IT vendors, in particular, design and create complete systems. But that doesn’t make the extra correspondence any less inconvenient. You would prefer to have a single point of contact so that everything moves forward in a more organized way. That’s why managed IT service providers take care of your license and warranty renewals, as well as get you set up with the most upgraded versions of your systems.

Your team can cut back on unnecessary costs.

By not investing in IT support in Dallas, you could actually endure greater costs down the line. On average, one hour of downtime on mission-critical systems loses businesses $300,000. This is a combination of the loss of productivity and remediation efforts. This doesn’t even begin to factor in how much technology upgrades cost. When you use a managed IT service provider, though, you get everything you could possibly want rolled into one service level agreement. Fixed monthly fees allow you to know exactly what’s around the corner, rather than just keeping your fingers crossed that none of your systems fail any time soon. Keep in mind that approximately half of companies that invest in IT support teams say that they do it for the cost savings. As a small company, this can make a big difference in your budgeting.

Utilize web filtering from IT support in Dallas.

One benefit of a managed IT service provider is that they can set up effective processes to keep your systems safe. Even as a small business, the potential of cyber attackers coming for your data is all too present. For that matter, the majority of breaches occur in small businesses. So, naturally, you are going to want to block off suspicious activity that could end up being harmful. But you also should be mindful of what your employees are able to get to since the internet isn’t a fully secure place. IT support companies in Dallas can do this through web filtering. This is a technology that prevents users from loading certain websites or URLs, or even keywords and content. Administrators are able to enter all of those that are thought to be inappropriate, which can aid in stopping malware infection.

You receive round-the-clock assistance.

Although your business may only be open from nine to five during the week, hackers aren’t limited to those hours. They can show up in the middle of the night and destroy everything that you have created. Even if they decide to hold your data at ransom, the odds are that you won’t get it back. Per your customized service level agreement, the IT support team in Dallas will be available to help you 24/7. By receiving consistent and timely updates, you get to know exactly what is happening, when it happens. If your business is widespread across many timezones or you have any late-night queries, this is especially beneficial.

Small businesses use technology in many ways.

Any business’s success is reliant on its information technology and its ability to manage it. Those that have the best of the best rise to market leader status because they are someone customers and employees alike can trust. Here are three ways that IT support in Dallas can improve your workplace.

Global Communication

Not everything is done face-to-face these days. The internet has drastically changed how we communicate in business settings. You no longer have to be in the office. Instead, with a remote work model and bring-your-own-device policy, your team can disperse around the globe. Managed IT service providers are able to help with any issues you may be having from the comfort of their own space. So, even if your small business isn’t located in Dallas, you can still work with someone who is headquartered there.

Payment Transfers

With the pandemic came the drastic increase in online shopping that shows no sign of slowing down. Today, transactions are made easily and quickly when done through the internet. But this process needs to be secure if you want your business to be known for your products and services, as opposed to how you got someone’s credit card information stolen. IT professionals will maintain your small business’s compliance. As data is transferred within your network, it will be protected.

Online Storage

If it hasn’t already, your business needs to take advantage of cloud storage. Think of spaces like OneDrive, Dropbox, and Google Drive. You can choose to replace physical storage or put it in conversation with your cloud applications. IT support companies in Dallas recommend using the cloud in your tech strategy because it offers a simple and secure way to both store and move data. You are given plenty of storage space, as well as the ability to encrypt files.

The city of Dallas has a lot to offer budding entrepreneurs. After all, it’s one of the top areas in the U.S. for drawing in new talent, specifically in technology. With that in mind, finding IT support in Dallas doesn’t have to be a challenge. Look for companies that can cater to your business’s unique needs. By taking advantage of their professional services, you will be able to provide your staff with a better working environment and your clients with a greater sense of trust in you.

Texas Systems Group
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