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How Do You Unlock A Door Without A Keyhole?

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How Do You Unlock A Door Without A Keyhole?

Perhaps you've misplaced the key for your keyless door, or your key won't open the lock for any reason, and you're seeking a means to get in.

The locksmiths in Killeen will help you unlock a door without a keyhole in this post.

The method with a Plastic Card

This is the most popular way to unlock a door that does not have a keyhole. Insert a hard plastic card between the door and the door frame. Wiggle the plastic card gently around the gap until it's flush with the striking plate. To depress the latch, press the latch and continue pressing in the card, then push the door open.

Bypassing the Pinhole

A tiny hole on the external handle or knob of some door locks without a keyhole. While the pinhole's primary function is to enable water to drain out of the lock and lubricant to be inserted, it can also be helpful in the case of a lockout. You may move the actuator through the pinhole using a regular paper clip. Just insert the paper clip into the pinhole to open the lock and rotate the tool in both directions.

Remove the doorknob

You may also remove the doorknob to unlock a door without a keyhole. Remove the screws on either side of the doorknob with a screwdriver, then pull the lock back into the door.

Under the Stairs

This method is only for door knobs that open from the inside. A long piece of metal will need to be shaped into two bends and a hooked end that reaches the handle. After that, slip the tool under the door and guide it to the handle. To unlock the door, use the tool's hooked end to pull on the handle.

Make a call to a local locksmith for assistance.

If you've tried all the above methods and your door lock still won't open, you should contact a locksmith for assistance. If you don't have the right tools, biometric locks, keypad door locks, and Bluetooth locks might be challenging to open.

If you require the assistance of a qualified and skilled locksmith for any key and lock problems, contact the locksmith Killeen TX experts.

Keys To The Kingdom
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