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A quick guide to Aquatic Therapy on Virgin Island

Danial Smith
A quick guide to Aquatic Therapy on Virgin Island

Undoubtedly, aquatic therapy continues to grow popular as it is a safe and complementary method to traditional land-based therapies to reduce pain and improve fitness in people of all ages. Water is always soothing and it appeals more to those who are in search of an alternative way of treatment to heal their bodies thereby improving their rehabilitation timeframes, and fitness levels, or reducing overall stress levels. 

While you are here to know everything about aquatic therapy on Virgin Island, let us tell you whatever we know about it here. Let us dig in right here. 

Aquatic Therapy

Aquatic therapy is a kind of physical therapy. When a patient comes to us for spine physical therapy on Virgin Island, we suggest aquatic therapy for better results. The name is given aquatic because it happens in a pool or any other aquatic environment under the supervision of a trained healthcare professional. The therapy is also called water therapy, aqua therapy, aquatic rehabilitation, therapeutic aquatic exercise, or hydrotherapy

Physical therapy professionals, need to take an add-on certificate to conduct aquatic therapy sessions. You must also go to a certified professional to undergo a session of aquatic therapy on Virgin Island. Some of the goals of aquatic therapy are improving flexibility, enhancing aerobic capacity, assisting with gait and locomotion, building muscle strength and endurance, and so on. 

Do not confuse aquatic therapy with aquatic exercises as they both are different from each other. Aquatic therapy will require the intervention of a physical medicine and rehabilitation expert and it is also covered by several insurance providers due to the personalized nature of the treatment. On the other hand, aquatic exercise doesn’t need any supervision and it is also not covered by insurance. As with other training programs, aquatic exercises are also conducted in a group of people, there is a trainer and a group of trainees following him. 

Benefits of Aquatic therapy

The primary advantage of aquatic therapy is that people who were injured, disabled, or not capable of comfortably or safely performing exercises on land can easily do so in the water. Some ways that water’s natural properties create a therapeutic environment are: 

  • If done in warm water, the same offers a relaxing and soothing environment for painful muscles and joints. 
  • Water has natural viscosity or resistance. It can thus be used for muscle strengthening and increasing rehabilitation progressions. 
  • The buoyancy of the water allows for flotation and reduces the effects of gravity or injured muscles and joints.

Aquatic therapy on the virgin island can be beneficial to you.

Danial Smith is the author of this article. If you are looking for Massage therapy on the virgin island, please visit our website.

Danial Smith
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