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Impounded Car Insurance You Can Rely On

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Impounded Car Insurance You Can Rely On

It may be pretty inconvenient and expensive to have your automobile seized. To get you the coverage you need to get your impounded automobile back on the road, we deal with a variety of specialized insurers that are aware of your needs.

Be wise in your decision and contact us for an estimate on impound car insurance right now.

Why choose us to get insurance for your seized car?

Prior to being able to have your automobile freed after it has been impounded by the police, you will need adequate auto insurance coverage. You aren't covered by a typical auto insurance policy, and you already have enough on your schedule without having to cope with what seems like obstinate insurance companies who are either unable to assist you or want to overcharge you.

We are experts in assisting drivers in challenging circumstances in obtaining the necessary insurance as fast and easily as possible. In order to get their cars out of the impound and back on the road, we've assisted a large number of drivers whose vehicles had been confiscated in obtaining the necessary insurance.

What is impounded car insurance?

Insurance coverage known as "impounded car insurance" will help you get a car that has been confiscated by the police or other authorities back on the road. Most yearly insurance does not include impound cover, which is legally necessary to get your car back from the impound lot. To avoid having to purchase an annual policy that does contain impound cover, we provide short-term impound coverage that lasts for 30 days (which is the legal minimum in order to be capable to get your car discharged from the police impound).

Why do cars get impounded?

Police frequently confiscate automobiles to crack down on uninsured vehicles on the road. Automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) devices allow the police to rapidly identify drivers who lack insurance. Your automobile may be impounded if the ANPR system detects it and it is determined that you are not covered.

For a variety of additional reasons, such as having a driving license that is long expired or suspended or revoked, driving recklessly, or improperly or dangerously parked your vehicle, the police may also confiscate your car or van.

If you don't have insurance, can the police seize your car?

When your automobile is repossessed for not having the minimum quantity of auto insurance that your lender requires, the police may seize it for not having insurance.

Sounds complicated, doesn't it? And pricey. Of course, we advise all automobile owners to maintain their insurance coverage. It's our civic obligation. However, we are aware that many vehicles are driven on highways every day without insurance, and we are here to support you while you learn.

Can another person free my impounded car?

If the vehicle's rightful owner, you, are unable to retrieve it, someone else may do it on your behalf. However, this individual must also bring the following items:

  • A letter of authorization, which must be signed by the owner, confers the right to collect on your behalf.
  • a copy of your passport or driver's license, which will be used to confirm the signature on the letter of authorization.
  • A current insurance certificate demonstrating that the person picking up the car on the policyholder's behalf is also listed as a driver insured by the policy

Learn more about Impounded Insurance from Release My Vehicle

Several limitations apply to this impound insurance coverage. The policy must be issued in the name of the vehicle's registered keeper and legal owner. Make sure you don't take out insurance in the wrong person's name because if you do, you won't be able to have the car freed from the impound. The policy covers just the policyholder, who must be the registered owner of the car, and is solely intended for the purpose of freeing the vehicle from the impound. This policy solely covers third parties, and as stated in the insurance certificate, it may be utilized to free an impounded car. The stringent requirements for admission must be met by you.

Before purchasing our insurance for a car that has been detained for thirty days, you must be able to fulfil our high acceptance requirements. Therefore, before buying the coverage, be sure it's what you're seeking and what you require.

release my vehicle
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