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How to Manage Workplace Harassment Incidents | A Complete Guide | Proman Securitech

Proman Securitech
How to Manage Workplace Harassment Incidents | A Complete Guide | Proman Securitech

Workplace harassment is any kind of behavior that makes an employee feel intimidated, uncomfortable, or offended. There are many types of harassment incidents that can happen at an office. An incident of harassment may fall under two categories as well. 

Many people choose silence when they face something abusive. Many employees, especially women, feel unsafe complaining about the mishaps that have happened to them due to the possibility of being fired. But no more! After hours of research, we have presented this guide to help you manage workplace harassment. 

How to deal with workplace harassment incidents?

Harassment at the workplace is common but not openly spoken in the work environment. Because many people don’t even know what is considered harassment at the workplace, complaints are not made in most cases. Any unwelcome conduct on gender, race, religion, age, nationality, disability, personal traits, or genetic information is called harassment. This offensive behavior becomes unlawful when it becomes a reason to discontinue employment. Such incidents create an intimidating, abusive, or hostile environment in the office. You can take the following measures against such behavior:

  1. Talk directly to the harasser 

It is significant to confront the person who is harassing you boldly. Sometimes people are unaware that their actions are causing harm or problems to you. Make them realize that their behavior is offensive to you. Warn them to stop before you take the matter to the senior authorities. 

  1. Talk to the Manager

If talking to the person directly does not work, and things are getting out of hand, you must communicate with your team manager. Make sure you talk to them with complete confidence and in a private space. The manager will then take the necessary steps to resolve the issue.

  1. Talk to the HR

You may need to take things further if talking to the manager does not work. To solve your issues of harassment at hand, take your problem to the human resources department of your office. If you have any evidence like witnesses, photographs, video, text messages, or any call recording, then try to provide evidence to them. They will investigate the matter to see if the person’s misbehavior is serious or not. 

  1. Take legal action.

If talking to the harasser, manager, and HR does not work, prepare yourself to take legal action. Many times people get scared at this point and decide to leave the matter. But you do not have to do so. There are strict laws against workplace harassment, and you will surely get justice. There is no need to quit your job due to someone else’s misbehavior.

You have to take different legal routes depending on the kind of harassment that you have faced. We understand that taking things this further can be scary. But it is a lot better than continuing this with yourself and others. 

How can employers stop workplace harassment?

Employers can initiate several things to eradicate harassment from their workplace. The most vital step is training your staff well. Apart from performing their regular duties, they must know a proper code of conduct, such as communication. Check applicants’ history before hiring them. Proman Securitech can help you in this process of a Background Check. When you or the HR department receives a complaint, know how to react. Always keep an eye on the working environment. 

Key Takeaway

Workplace harassment incidents are more common than you think. So always raise your voice whenever you encounter anything like this.

Proman Securitech
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