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What is Hookah shisha fruit bowl? How to Prepare One?

Tuah Shisha
What is Hookah shisha fruit bowl? How to Prepare One?

The hookah has always been a way of enjoyment. Initially, it was introduced as tobacco hookah only. As time passed, many different flavours emerged. Today, there are many fruit flavours available. People prepare a hookah fruit bowl to get the taste of their desire. But what is a hookah fruit bowl?


What Is a Hookah Fruit Bowl?

Fruit bowls are bowls made of 1/3 of a fruit that has been cut out in the shape of hookah bowls by cutting them out. Then, you insert the hookah pipe into the fruit bowl filled with shisha tobacco instead of inserting your hookah pipe into your regular bowl. As a fun twist on the traditional shisha experience, fruit heads combine the flavours of juices with tobacco to impart a burst of fruit flavour. It is possible to cut fruits into any shape or size that is desired.

What Equipment Are Used To Make Fruit a Bowl?

The equipment is the most important thing to keep in mind when making a hookah fruit bowl.

If you find it difficult to make a shisha fruit head bowl try a readymade shisha bowl from the market.

Make sure you have the following

A kitchen knife

A knife is used to cut the fruit part to scoop it.

A coring tool

It is used to empty the fruit pulp of the cut fruit.


These are used to poke holes in the foil.

Aluminium foil

It is used to cover the hookah fruit bowl.

How To Make a fruit bowl?

A Shisha fruit bowl comes in various styles, so you’re bound to find one that suits your style. If you’re standard bowl meets an unfortunate end, taking the fruit’s rind and using it as a shisha bowl is an excellent impromptu option. A broad selection of fruits, such as apples, pears, kiwi, oranges, pineapples, lemons, watermelons, etc., is used by most people today.

Follow the steps to make your Fruit heads:

1.  Gather the necessary materials you might need to make a Fruit Head Hookah.

2.  It is usually required to remove about a third of the top portion of the fruit.

3.  If you decide to cut, you should make sure that it is flat so that as soon as the coals are cut in the bowl, they will sit correctly.

4.  Make sure all the seeds and other pulp inside the fruit are scooped out by carving the core out.

5.  Ideally, it should have an inner lining on the inside of the fruit.

6.  Make sure the inner layer makes a small bowl when you shape the inside of the fruit.

7.  In the bottom of the fruit bowl, you need to make a tiny hole the size of an index finger.

8.  Put aluminium foil over the fruit and make various holes all over the foil evenly distributed.

9.  For your fruit bowl to be adequately heated, you may have to use more coals than you usually would.

What Fruits Can You Use To Make A Fruit Bowl?

There are a variety of fruits available that you can cut to make a hookah fruit bowl. Some of them are following:

·    Banana Bowl

·    Apple bowl

·    Pineapple bowl

·    Orange bowl

·    Watermelon bowl

·    Lemon bowl

·    Kiwi bowl

·    Pear bowl

·    Grapefruit bowl


While making a Natural Shisha fruit bowl, remember to keep the following things in your mind:

·    Do not hollow out your fruit more than the amount of shisha you anticipate using.

·    If the rind is not thick and sturdy enough, it might become unstable as the juices and heat can change the properties of the fruit.

·    Since the fruit is so excellent, you may need to use more coals to get your hookah fruit bowl started.


·    By making sure the hookah tastes delicious, the hookah fruit head ensures the hookah will taste good.

·    You’ll find that the hookah has an overall aesthetically pleasing appearance.

·    It is also an excellent alternative to a shisha bowl made from clay.


·      There is a lot of time to prepare a fruit bowl hookah.

·    There is a risk of your shisha becoming very wet and soggy

·    There is a good possibility that creating a Shisha fruit bowl can be messy.


The hookah has come a long way in the past few years, and people of all ages and backgrounds now enjoy it. In addition to the tobacco flavours, there are now many fruit flavours to choose from. Whether you prepare your bowl or order one from a local shop, there is sure to be a flavour that satisfies your taste buds. People prepare a hookah fruit bowl to get the flavour of their desire. Whether you’re new to the world of hookahs or have been smoking them for years, we have what you need to get you started and enjoy your next fruit-flavoured smoke session! What is your favourite type of fruit to put in your hookah?




Tuah Shisha
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